Senate Recap

Anthony Jadus
Senate Recorder

This past Thursday, March 6th, 2014, student senate started off the meeting by having Lori Dierolf, the President of the Alumni Association, come in to talk to us about what the association does, and about how they try to reach out and make a difference. She talked about the Millersville Review, which is a magazine regarding alumni and things of the sort, and she talked about Marauder Mixers. The organization likes to connect with others at these Mixers, so if interested, this is a great way to share experiences, and learn from alumni. The next one is being held on April 2nd. If anyone has any questions about location or anything else regarding Lori’s presentation, reach out to a senator.

Roger Bruszewski, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, also came in. He talked to us about costs, fees, and auxiliary rates. He talked about how there will be different rates for dining and living in accumulation coming in the future with the new housing options being available. He also talked about how for an average freshman to live here for one year with a traditional class schedule and living arrangement, along with the most popular meal plan (the 19 meal plan), will end up paying roughly $18,498.00. For sophomores in the same situation, it jumps to $19,001. He mentioned how there will be a 3% increase to tuition in the future as well, which is being put in place to combat rising costs.

A fresh idea right off the prints involves possibly keeping Hull around and making a bridge from Gordinier to Hull, and in turn making Hull into a conference center. It is just an idea for now however, as is the idea to bring in national labels to our dining services.

With the new buildings being put in place, and the new changes approaching, talks are going on to bring in national chains such as Subway and Chick-fil-A to campus. Also, the Marauder Express (the big food truck near Gordinier) now serves food to the construction workers as a prototype to work out the kinks. Come the fall, it will be a full-fledged service, and students will be able to purchase food from the truck daily.

A senator asked the question of why the Bistro and the Cove are not open on the weekends, and the answer was simply that there is not enough student traffic on the weekends in order to keep them open.

Also, just as a side note, The Anchor serves more meals out than any other place on campus. 75% percent of all meals on campus are eaten in the Anchor, Galley, and the Cove.

Talks managed to rise again about the printing costs. The committee charged with deciding on the number of prints allotted to each student came to the decision of 350 prints a year. The head of the committee will come back into senate to talk to us, and we will of course argue this number because it is not representative to the campus. The meeting will be occurring soon at the normal time, so if you wish to be in attendance, look to see when this issue will be discussed to get your voice directly heard.

Keegan Worley was voted as the senator of the month for his accomplishments and out-of-the-box approach to solving current issues.
April 11th, SMC MRP 7-11 BSU is having a dance, and all of the proceeds are going to go to children with disabilities. For more information, contact a senator or senator Christian, in particular.

That’s it for this week, so be sure to check in next week for more updates.