Wearing the world

Olivia Synoracki
Guest Writer

In 2011, three friends from college were traveling the world, taking a semester at sea. On their journey they discovered a number of unique fabrics and designs from 15 different countries. While on this voyage, the group of entrepreneurs realized that they could do something great with these fabrics, and on their return home they began to build what is now, Serengetee.

Before launching in 2012, the company took the fabrics and designs they discovered from all over the world and hoped to find foundations from those very countries that would partner up with Serengetee. Once these partnerships were established, Serengetee began to produce clothing and backpacks that integrated the fabrics in some form. For example, if buying a T-shirt, the fabric/design is added on as a pocket-square.

After a product is purchased, 13 percent of the income is given to the foundation that supports the specific fabric/design that was bought. This is exactly what Serengetee’s mission is, to help change lives around the globe by giving back as much as they receive. But it is not just about changing the world; it is about wearing the world, and changing the globe one shirt at a time.

This semester, Alex Barr, a lucky Millersville student, has had the opportunity to become a part of this incredible organization. Barr first discovered Serengetee while watching one of Jimmy Tatro’s YouTube videos. A friend of one of the co-creators and a spokesperson for the company, Tatro wore a shirt from Serengetee and told his viewers about the organization.

After a product is purchased, 13 percent of the income is given to the foundation that supports the specific fabric that was bought.
After a product is purchased, 13 percent of the income is given to the foundation that supports the specific fabric that was bought.

Barr was immediately intrigued and searched for the Serengetee Facebook page. While on their profile, Barr saw that Serengetee was asking for college students across the country to become representatives and help spread the word about the organization. Seeing this as a great opportunity, Barr applied for the position and is now a representative.

By hiring students across the country, Serengetee decided to break everyone up into teams according to the region in which they attend college. Barr is therefore, on Team East. To add some fun to the mix, the leaders of Serengetee have issued some friendly competitions in which the teams go up against one another in challenges that help promote the company. By the end of the semester, the region that won the most challenges claims the title of “Top Region,” with each representative from that region receiving a small prize. The top representative from the winning region will then also win a big prize.

Another aspect of Barr’s job is to work towards an overall project. This project can include, discovering new fabrics and designs, finding new causes and foundations to partner with, designing a music video, or even acquiring a new celebrity spokesperson. Whoever creates the top project wins a trip to Guatemala with the Serengetee team to help unearth new fabrics and designs.

This project is exactly how Tyler Posey, star of MTV’s Teen Wolf, became a spokesperson for the company. In fact, the fabric that he supports, Posey’s Paradise, is currently the most popular design, which is partnered with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Working with Serengetee, Barr has realized how important it is to make a difference in the world. A witness to the significance of Serengetee’s mission, Barr hopes to travel the world himself and create his own unique company that works for a cause. According to Barr, this has been an eye-opening experience and he only hopes that Serengetee will continue to work with other countries and foundations in discovering fabrics and giving back to the world.