Maria Rovito
Opinion Editor

“We were made to love you, but our only hope to save you, is to terminate you”—a chilling welcome that drags the listener into the depths of Combichrist’s dark, raw hell of fury, complete with a thundering, cyber-metal blast of harsh rhythm. It’s a warm welcome to their gut-punching, face-melting sound of destruction, complete with lyrics about death, despair, and…unicorns?

Yes, unicorns.

Combichrist’s seventh full-length studio album dropped March 24, 2014.
Combichrist’s seventh full-length studio album dropped March 24, 2014.

March 24, 2014 marked the release of Norwegian aggrotech band Combichrist’s seventh full-length studio album “We Love You”, a much-anticipated work among fans of electronic, industrial, and death metal. Combichrist has consistently released pulse-pounding albums since their debut in 2003, keeping alive their signature destructive, high-octane metal sound for the past 11 years. Front man Andy LaPlegua and team have released their harshest, heaviest album yet.

Opening with “We Were Made To Love You”, LaPlegua brings his signature hardcore vocals along with thrashing, abrasive guitars and chanted refrains, keeping alive a death metal sound to their music. In “Every Day is War,” Combichrist gives their listeners their signature dance floor beats, with bouncing synths reminiscent of their 2007 single “Get Your Body Beat”. I was definitely pleased that Combichrist retained their authentic electronic style; it’s what makes their sound so unique compared to other industrial acts.

Driving guitar riffs and a chant-worthy chorus bring Combichrist back to their heavy metal sound in “Maggots At the Party”—a song definitely worth blasting out your headphones on repeat. “The Evil in Me” strikes a remarkable balance between the bursting electronics and wailing guitars on the album, with a simple acoustic guitar accompanied by melodic piano notes. The gloomy lyrics add just the right touch to the song; revealing the softer side of this Norwegian electro-industrial group is definitely one of the highlights on this album.

Turning a complete 180 degrees, Combichrist blasts off to the bouncing, buzzing, disco-worthy beats of “F*** Unicorns”, reminding their listeners that they are ridiculous and comedic just as they are serious. It makes this album livelier than other industrial acts—they’ve added much more variety to their work, and it certainly pays off.

Andy LaPlegua (center) and crew have released their harshest, heaviest, most diverse album yet.
Andy LaPlegua (center) and crew have released their harshest, heaviest, most diverse album yet.

At the end of the day though, it’s the complete and total rage and aggression that brings listeners back to Combichrist, and they truly showed their talent on the first single off the album, “From My Cold Dead Hands”. I was absolutely pleased when listening to this track; creating the signature EBM anthem is one of Combichrist’s many talents, and they show their fans that they’re still a powerhouse of electro-industrial music.

Closing out the album, the two-part “Retreat, Hell” sets the pensive, yet absurd talk-sung vocals of LaPlegua to goth rock elements, such as bass-driven rhythms and ominous dark ambient effects. It’s a chilling, monstrous way to end their seventh studio album.

Overall, “We Love You” is an all-around awesome album, and one of the bests this year so far in the industrial genre. I’ve been a fan of Comichrist since 2006, and this release is one of their strongest, hardest, and most diverse albums yet. All I can say is: I love you too, man.