Seña y Verbo set to perform in several languages

Cat Ardes
Arts & Culture Editor

The arts and a hearing impaired duo are not often seen together as much as they should be but whent hey do come together, they open a new door to creativity, knowledge and critical thinking for both any one putting the show together and their audiences. Speaking other languages whether through visual forms or hearing can create barriers or shed light on new forms of communication and is where dedicated individuals committed to cultures and language come together to show society where our curiosity and knowledge can help us with understanding different forms of communication.

Sena y Verbo travel from Mexico to show off their talent.
Sena y Verbo travel from Mexico to show off their talent.

On Friday, April 11 , 2014, Millersville’s off-campus location in downtown Lancaster, The Ware Center, will host the Spanish speaking and Sign Language group, Seña y Verbo Teatro de Sordos from Mexico City, for their performance, “¡¿Quien Te Entiende?!” or also translated as “Who can possibly understand you?!”
This piece of narrative theater by Mexico’s prominent and leading inclusive theater company is based on the actual testimonies of three deaf inhabitants of Mexico City that will be told using Mexican Sign Language, Spoken Spanish along with English captioning and American Sign Language (ASL).

Their story will talk about an evening about three close friends in their kitchen, two of which are deaf and one with hearing, spend the evening telling stories about three other close friends that are on their way to spend the evening with them. Their intriguing stories, some of which are comical and others more shocking, all of which are real, introduce the audience to a fascinating culture and language unknown to many people. This play explores and challenges the actors and audiences through three different ways of dealing with the same challenge, “How can I communicate?”
Starting their productions in February 1993, Seña y Verbo is an artistic and educational society in Latin America that is dedicated to promoting the language and deaf culture with original works through quality theater and a variety of courses, counseling and outreach workshops. Their professional theater company, composed of deaf and hearing actors, travel to present works throughout the year for adults and children, where the Mexican Sign Language (LSM) is combined with the Spanish speaking scenes, and vice versa for the English speaking scene, to create entertainment enjoyed by the deaf and hearing alike.

Sena y Verbo will incorporate American Sign Language, English, Spanish, and Mexican Sign Language.
Sena y Verbo will incorporate American Sign Language, English, Spanish, and Mexican Sign Language.

This unique and culturally enticing group has won several awards including Premio del Público Festival Red Serpiente in 2008, Beca México en Escena 4a. emisión in 2011, and Pen Club México in 2011. For more than seventeen years of continuous travel and work, Seña y Verbo has produced 14 original works, 14 international tours, frequent tours throughout Mexico and more than 2000 performances in their hometown, Mexico City.

This performance has been supported in part by the Association of Performing Arts Presenters MetLife’s “All-In” grant and the National Endowment for the Arts “Arts Engagement in American Communities” grant. Tickets cost $10 for the general public and $5 for students. Tickets are still available and can be purchased online at, by calling the Ticket Office at (717) 872- 3811 or purchasing tickets in person at The Ware Center Information desk or the SMC Ticket Office.