Cat Ardes: Farewell article

CatHeadshot_editCat Ardes
Staff Writer

You know that gut feeling you get every once in a blue moon that reassures all of your worries you’re doing the right thing? I’ve felt that reassurance from the moment I applied to Millersville to this point right now as I’m more or less two weeks away from graduation. Before I moved to Millersville I took a year off from college and worked two jobs to get my life goals together, save money and start planning for the future. After receiving my acceptance letter and packing the days leading up to the first day of classes for the Spring of 2012, I took a deep breath and thought “here we go.” Moving to a whole new area and starting on a clean sheet is what excited me the most while trying not to let my intimidation get the best of me. 

After my first semester I knew I wanted to get involved with clubs on campus especially with The Snapper. I made it a point to pick up the newspaper every week and was determined to stop over thinking everything and “just do it already.” I’d have to work my way in for everyone there to know who I was and that I was genuinely interested in writing for the paper. It would take time, attending just about every meeting, getting over my worry that my writing would be public for everyone to read and critique and writing often to show that I would stick around. Eventually, I proved all of this. It never hit me that I could become an editor, I just never thought about it. But after hearing encouraging words I put my best foot forward and went for it. I’ve learned more with this group of people than I ever thought I would. Working in a group is never easy but my experience with everyone here has been the best I could have asked for and I mean that in the least cliché way possible. I’ve learned to work with different personalities (oh, have I!), use my creativity, get myself out there, be a leader, push to get things done and if I wanted to something done I voiced my opinion to make things work for the better. I have looked forward to every Tuesday (with the exception of finding pictures of bugs on my computer, not cool guys), and Thursday night for the past two years to work with this group whether it be to put our best work out there or even just to hang with friends while working at the same time. Our conventions in New York City and New Orleans brought new things to the table, helped us learn more for the paper and brought us together as a group and ultimately made the most memorable times together. Really, thank you for being such an awesome group of people to work with every week.

I’ve put 110% of my effort into everything I did during my time here and I’ve never felt more accomplished. I’ve had some of the most dedicated professors whom have helped me stay motivated and positive for everything and as for a rare professor that I would come across, I’ve learned from them what I don’t want to be like in the future. There has been so much learned through personal experiences and through my education, I’ve taken advantage of every opportunity that came my way and made sure I would make something of my time while I was here. Lancaster is full of life with unique people and the only way you’ll ever find that out is if you go out make something of it. I’m closing this chapter only to start a new one with the same nerves and excitement as before but with more experiences and lessons learned. Carpe Diem.