ChrisHeadshot_editChris Norton
Staff Writer

In my three and a half years with The Snapper, I have grown so close to everyone that I’ve worked with. I never thought, starting as a writer for the Sports section, that I would become the editor in less than a year, and learn so much. Though I have countless memories being on the staff, I’ll keep this brief.

Everyone on the staff at the time of my arrival welcomed me with open arms and helped me along the way in the beginning of my sophomore year. As cheesy as that sounds, I am grateful for all those involved who have attributed to me getting where I am today. I also cannot thank Gene Ellis enough for being an ideal adviser. His help has played an enormous role in my growth as Sports Editor, and a writer that I know will help in me in the future. He always pushed me that extra mile to see how I could improve on something, and it always paid off.

In the beginning, I was hesitant to write for a newspaper, seeing as I had no prior experience. I thought to myself, “Writing for the school paper won’t be very fun.” However, it opened many doors for me which I can easily say have been some of the best times during my years here at Millersville University.

Some of my fondest memories have been from the multiple newspaper conventions we’ve attended as a group. From New York to New Orleans, I and the rest of The Snapper staff have experienced everything from meeting famous anchors and writers, to seeing Halloween parades on Bourbon Street.

My time here with The Snapper felt short-lived, but incredibly fulfilling. I will always remember my experiences on the staff, and plan to use them to my advantage in the horrifying reality of the working world. So to my fellow current and past staff members: thank you. I thank all of you for being the coolest people I know on campus, and I hope to never lose touch with any of you.