Christian Harding: Farewell article

ChristianHeadshot_editChristian Harding
Staff Writer

Well, this is it.

Back in September of last year, the first article I had written for The Snapper as a senior was called ‘The Last First Article Ever’ (or something along those lines). In that article, I briefly reminisced about shit and ruminated about what the year ahead of me held in store. And here we are, a breezy seven months later and I’m facing the distinct challenge of deciding what I want my last words in this paper to be.

In keeping up with the tradition by bookending the year with similarly themed reflection pieces, I suppose you could call this my *last* last article ever, but I’d rather not approach this one with such a defeatist and/or sardonic mindset, especially if it’s the last thing I’ll ever contribute here. I’ve very much enjoyed my time as being a part of the Snapper staff and I’d like to convey that properly without bringing down the house with grief, even though I must admit that it’s a little tempting.

So with this, I’d like to start off by extending my gratitude – not just to the opinion section for practically allowing me syndicated involvement right from the start (though I do appreciate that a ton), but to the other sections as well, for allowing me to occasionally contribute articles to their pages, which from this school year alone included things like coverage of campus events I had gone to, or reviews of films I’d seen. This year was particularly memorable in my having reviewed my two favorite 2013 films in this paper – The Wind Rises and Blue is the Warmest Color, with their respective reviews being among the articles from this year I’m most proud of.

Given all that’s been going on in the world and on campus here at Millersville University since I started to write for the Snapper, it’s no wonder that I’ve been able to keep churning out articles pretty frequently, not just in the opinion section, but in the others as well, whenever I felt it appropriate. And while I might’ve had the occasional deer-in-the-headlights look in my eye when asked at our weekly Thursday night meetings what I was planning on writing about for the next issue, one thing I take genuine pride in is my ability to contribute articles in the opinion section on a pretty regular basis, actual quality of my writings notwithstanding.

But throughout everything I’ve written about, one thing I’ve always tried to maintain consistently is a fresh sense of perspective. Whatever I and my fellow Snapper staff members are writing about, one thing we must always be aware of is the possibility that any number of people, be they other students or faculty members of the university, could freely read our articles at any given time. Therefore, when even approaching the most basic and seemingly inoffensive of topics, a more general approach to the topic is recommendable, and while I’ve never had to learn this lesson the hard way (at least not in college – high school is another story altogether), it’s something I’ve tried to be mindful of.

In summation, I’m not entirely sure what else I can add here that couldn’t be more substantial than the content I’ve provided this paper on a weekly basis for the past couple of school years. I won’t use the word “goodbye” because while my contributions to this paper are coming to a close, I still plan on keeping up with the future of the Snapper, mostly by checking in via the Facebook page or the Snapper website. For now, I wish the best of luck to my fellow graduates, and also to the future editing team of the Snapper. I know you all will do a great job and am confident that the paper will continue to stay as strong as it’s been, even long after I’ve graduated. So long, and thanks for everything.