Millersville University Activities Board educates and entertains students

Thomas Henderson
Staff Writer

The Millersville University Activities Board, or UAB for short, is an organization ran by students and advised by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL) employees. It works hard to provide a variety of programs during the weeknights and weekends for the Millersville campus.

The University Activities Board is a student-run organization. Sabrina Hawke is the current President of UAB, taking over the role last semester.
The University Activities Board is a student-run organization. Sabrina Hawke is the current President of UAB, taking over the role last semester.

The UAB is made up of seven committees. Each committee has a chair and the students are under them. The UAB is always needing new volunteers. Students can log into Get Involved on the Millersville Universty website for a list of all the upcoming events. Meetings are held twice every Wednesday, with the first at 12:15 p.m. and the second at 9:15 p.m. Making up the UAB team are special events chair Cristal Morales, interim special events chair Keyleen Spencer, comedy chair Kayla Ditzler, travel chair Esriica Morris, diversity chair Yessenia Ortiz, marketing chair Aaron Jaffe, and Ville After Dark chairs Kristi Lewis Kevin Lubin.

“As an adviser I attend the meetings and help the students plan events,” said Candice Hozza, advisor for the UAB. “I’m very excited to see more students joining we are always looking for new members.”

The president of the UAB is Sabrina Hawke. She has been the president since last semester, and she has been a member for three years. As president she guides the other students, and oversees the events. “I think the things that I’m most happy about is to see a lot of new members this year, and I have a lot of faith in my board chairs. I’m very excited for the home coming event. We are also going to have a glow dome. And I couldn’t do it without the help of the Vice President Kevin Lubin.”

Along with being vice president, Lubin also oversees the Ville After Dark committee. “I’m hoping to see a lot more students come out to the events and have a good time. I want to see more people get involved because that’s what we do it for,” said Lubin. “The UAB is for the students, not only to get involved and make connections, but to relax and have fun around campus.”

Another important and essential part of any event promotion is marketing. That’s where Aaron Jaffee, chair of the marketing committee, comes in. He explained, “The marketing committee promotes and advertises the UAB and its events. All the posters and flyers around the school are the committee’s work. Along with the prizes and handouts at some of the events, my goal is to get better recognition of what the UAB is and what we do. I plan to do better advertising for each event to bring more students in. For that I need more student volunteers for the UAB marketing committee.”

The UAB is always looking for new members. As a member not only are students building their resumes and getting involved in something bigger, but they’re joining a group of fun people, making a lot of friends, and making connections for their future. They will be helping to give their fellow class men and women a chance to get involved as well.

Some upcoming events are Friday, September 12, 8-11 a.m., where a Henna artist will be in the SMC Atrium. Also on September 12, 5-7 p.m., the musician Austin Renfroe will perform at Club De’Ville. Saturday, September 13, 9-12 p.m., will be Oktoberfest at the SMC Promenade, where they will have free food and plenty of activities.