Take time to ‘Getaway’

Amanda Finkelston
Guest Writer

Jason Rotter
Guest Writer

Get away. Not quite. Getaway. That’s better. If you are a freshman or new transfer student, the chance to break away from the overwhelming world of college and make new connections and memories lies in your hands. For one weekend in September, either the 12th-14th or 19th-21st, you can escape from academics and join other Millersville students at the Circle M Campground, located only ten minutes from the ‘Ville. Activities will include campfires, team building and games that will make students laugh until they cry.

Students will learn about other students and themselves during the weekend they decide to go on the trip, and often find that the friendships made last throughout their entire college experiences and beyond. The total cost is $20 per person with meals and transportation provided along with comfortable lodging, fun-filled events and T-shirts.

Millersville University students ‘Getaway’ for the weekend and bond with others while having fun.
Millersville University students ‘Getaway’ for the weekend and bond with others while having fun.

On Friday, students will meet their cabin leaders and other campers for dinner. There are about two to three campers and one leader in each cabin, which has electricity and running water, so students won’t have to worry about getting eaten by bears. Students will then be on their way to the campground to participate in some icebreakers. Once everyone is introduced, students must be prepared to dive into extreme musical chairs, watch skits put on by the cabin leaders, eat delicious food, and more.

The weekend will lead students out of their comfort zones and although no one is forced to do anything, it is highly recommend that students try something they normally would not do. The activities at Getaway bring everyone closer together and although they might not know it, students will discover more about how they communicate with people and how to solve problems.

Of course, the weekend must come to an end. However, the memories forged will be kept forever, because all participants receive framed pictures of the whole Getaway family. Students should check Facebook and other online sites to find pictures of themselves and their new friends creating everlasting memories. By the time the weekend is over, students will wish that it could keep going.

Well, it does. Students will see other Getaway-ers around campus and can yell, “Hey, you’re from Getaway!” The Getaway organization also has events throughout the year, so students are encouraged to stay in touch after the weekend. Many freshmen and new transfers make up most of their friends at Getaway, and rarely regret participating.

Whether shy, outgoing, or clueless about college, students will find a Getaway family. Find Getaway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or e-mail Getaway at