‘Let’s Be Cops’ brings the laughs

Becky Stahl
Staff Writer

In this uproarious flick, Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr acted as two best friends who had been living a mediocre lifestyle. While maintaining an ordinary life, Wayans as a video game consultant and Johnson as a retired football player, they stumbled across a couple of police uniforms to wear at a masquerade party. Once at the party, they began to realize, through socializing, that their lives were pretty dull. This is similar to today’s culture because we all strive to achieve full gratification. Just like us, they wanted more out of their simplistic lives.

After they left the party, they walked the streets in their cop uniforms, to try and amuse themselves, they began acting like cops. When it showed that they could control people, this gave them the idea that they could pull off getting the respect that they deserved from their work and everyday life. Wayans got no respect in the video game field with his boss and he couldn’t get the girl he wanted. Johnson got no respect as a former football player so they decided that that life wasn’t one that they could be proud of. So this bore the idea of “Let’s be Cops.”

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr. star as friends masquerading as cops in “Let’s Be Cops”.
Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr. star as friends masquerading as cops in “Let’s Be Cops”.

Acting as cops they are able to finally achieve self-fulfillment. Wayans was able to get the girl he wanted as well as gaining respect at his work. Johnson was able to finally stop sulking around and get a career. Although, this plan worked out well for them, they didn’t take into account that this was illegal. Pretending to be cops wasn’t exactly a good choice because aside from being illegal, it also caused them to get into serious situations, such as getting called to stop a fight at a sorority house or getting dragged into a crime scene.

Although this movie was full of laughs and was very comedic, there was also a deep meaning to the story. It was more than just two best friends pretending to be cops. This movie had a lot of moments reflecting teamwork and love. For example, these two men had to work together to keep the lie from their friends and Wayan’s girlfriend. In the end, the lie caused serious friction between the two friends and their relationships with others. Wayan almost lost his girlfriend and his job, but with honesty and compassion, he was able to keep them both. This movie did a good job of showing the trust that was reciprocated among the two friends when they had to keep up the lie. It also showed understanding and compassion when the girlfriend let the boyfriend who lied to her, about being a cop, back into her life. When the police force found out, they didn’t press charges because Johnson and Wayan both helped them to catch their perpetrator.

After Johnson and Wayan were done taking on the pretend role of being cops, the two men gained the confidence that they needed to take control back over their lives and live happily. Johnson started training to become a cop and joined the police academy. Wayans finally got the respect he deserved and the girl that he was pining after. This movie had some good and bad qualities, but the message and overall theme of this movie was definitely one to see.