Adam Foreman
Contributing Writer

The Young Americans for Liberty is one of Millersville University’s newest club. The Young Americans for Liberty meets in room 203 of the SMC every Monday evening at 7.

The Young Americans for Liberty Club is a non-partisan organization interested in every issue regarding liberty. President Kaytee Moyer and her fellow chairs; vice president, Mary Baldree; secretary, Chris Hunt; treasurer, Lindsey Blake; and liaison, Colin Butler intend to identify, educate and mobilize the interested community behind a “winning on principle” strategy. To get involved with Young Americans for Liberty, attend a meeting. Those interested can stay up to date with what’s happening by following @YALMillersville on twitter and liking them on Facebook.

“We are libertarians, with a little ‘l’, not a big ‘L,’ which means that we are of libertarian philosophy, not from the Libertarian Party,” Moyer said. “We believe in liberty in all facets of your life, personally and economically and we believe that the government should not legislate morality.”

Young Americans for Liberty helps define libertarianism to students. “Traditionally libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. As libertarians we look at every issue from a liberty perspective and know that the individual makes the best choice that is appropriate for themselves rather than some big ominous government making the decision for them,” Moyer said.

Protection of private goods and freedom to do whatever without harm to another person are also libertarian principles. “We want the individual to have as much freedom as possible, whether it is the freedom to put something into your body, to marry someone, the freedom to trade, or allowing the free market to work its self out. The factor that combines us all together is our belief in the principals of liberty: Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff,” Moyer said.

Economic liberty is a main concern of Young Americans for Liberty. “Liberty is something that resonates with young people. We know, as broke college students, that you cannot spend more than you make, which is what our government has been doing,” Moyer said.
Members of this Millersville organization hope for the club’s success. “We see this club becoming a highly sought after organization on campus,” Moyer said. She has aspirations of expanding the club.

Young Americans for Liberty partnered with the College Democrats of Millersville University, the College Republicans of Millersville University and the Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership to sponsor events this past week. They also hosted a Free Speech Wall on Constitution Day, September 17th on the quad.

Every meeting is themed, so every week members can expect something new. Whether it’s a round table discussion, a video or a guest speaker, the club will cover issues such as police brutality, the minimum wage, the federal income tax and the drug war.
For more information about the Young Americans for Liberty, visit the national organizations website,