‘Godzilla’ smashes onto DVD and Blu-ray

Pete Wisniewski
Staff Writer

With Hollywood in the current trend of making sequels, superhero movies and remakes, it was only a matter of time until they rehashed one of the most iconic movies and well-known monsters of all time into a film for this generation. Ever since the new “Godzilla” movie was announced it rallied much anticipation, and with every minor tease, that hype grew and grew. All the buildup paid off as it soared to become one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer. In case you missed it in theaters, you can now catch it on DVD and Blu-ray.

For the most part, this modern addition to the revered franchise is a righteous installment, with only one minor setback that prevents it from being a particularly special movie. Top notch special effects make up for the missed intimate moments with characters to make “Godzilla” a film to not be missed.

“Godzilla” is an action-packed monster movie is not to be missed and can now be brought home on DVD and Blu-ray.
“Godzilla” is an action-packed monster movie is not to be missed and can now be brought home on DVD and Blu-ray.

The monster Godzilla needs no introduction. Much like Michael Jordan, “Star Wars” or Superman, even if you have never seen or read about any of these things, you still know what they are. Godzilla himself is one of the best parts of the movie. The colossal behemoth looks flawless and sounds amazing with his unique and earsplitting roar. Whether the several hundred foot monster is tearing through the ocean or stomping through cities, the exquisite detail that was put into the beast is unbelievable.

“Godzilla” is definitely an effects driven film and there is no doubt that that is the best part of the movie. Godzilla and the monsters he fights, and the trails of destruction they leave in their wake, are some of the best computer generated images ever seen on the big screen. The way the CGI turned out in the movie is a testament to director, Gareth Edwards, who has a background in visual effects and obviously had a hand in the way his version of Godzilla would look in the movie.
The tone of “Godzilla” is heavily laden on action with a story and characters that do not quite achieve the potential that they start with. What begins with an interesting conspiracy theory, begrudgingly turns into a showdown that levels several cities with characters that follow in suit; they being interesting and full of potential and then just sort of taper off.

Bryan Cranston, who is best known for his role as Walter White on the hit TV show “Breaking Bad,” stars as scientist Joe Brody, who is obsessed with finding out the mystery that caused a nuclear reactor to collapse fifteen years prior to the events of the movie. It is then discovered that the collapse of the reactor was indeed related to the monsters that would soon come forth to give humanity a run for their money.

Brody has a son, Ford, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Kickass”), who is estranged from his father. Taylor-Johnson’s character is a Navy bomb disarmer who gets called upon to try to contain the situation with the ancient battling beasts and quickly becomes torn between duty and trying to get ensure his wife and young boys’ safety in the face of the apparent apocalypse. These elements between the characters start off strong and prove to be enticing, but just end up falling flat about halfway through the movie and do not come full circle the way the action and effects do.

Nevertheless, “Godzilla” is a film worth seeing if for no other reason than to consume the visual spectacles it has to offer. The Blu-ray looks sharp and the sound resonates through the speakers, almost recreating the effect it had in theaters. The Blu-ray also comes fully loaded with insightful behind-the-scenes as to how they created a new classic that would make the original classic proud. Grab some friends this weekend and Redbox the best monster movie of the year.