Richard Schulz
Staff Writer

Millersville’s women’s volleyball team took on California University on the second day of the PSAC Crossover at Pucillo gymnasium. It was their second game of the day after taking a loss to Seton Hill. CalU was not going to be any easier for Millersville to beat.

The Marauders struggled against California Pa., dropping the match in straight sets.
The Marauders struggled against California Pa., dropping the match in straight sets.

The first set started out with the Marauders in the lead, 10-5, until California broke away with a 12-1 run to take the lead to 17-11. The remainder of the first looked bleak for Millersville as the Vulcans took the set. California did the same to the Marauders in the second set but at a lesser level.

The Marauders started the second set 3-0 which was shortly lived as the Vulcans came back on a run. Once they reached 8-4, California broke away again and finished the set on a 17-5 run. Millersville tried but just couldn’t keep up as they gave away the second set. The third set went a little differently.

Millersville showed some signs of life in the third and final set. The set had no lead changes for CalU but had six ties. The Marauders fought hard to get a lead but couldn’t capitalize on some opportunities. 13-13 was the final tie in the third set as CalU shot past its’ opponents and scored the final 7 points to end the match in straight sets. The Marauders walked away with another loss to end a bad day.

CalPaKatie Lesinski finished with eight kills while Victoria Biggins helped out the Millersville push with 18 assists. The Marauders defensive squad helped out a lot but wasn’t strong enough. Brooklyn Smith had 15 digs and Erin Harmon had 10 digs. Kayla Wallace also contributed to the defense with three block assists.

A three game road trip will start for the Marauders September 26th at 7p.m. against West Chester.