Derek Klann
Staff Writer

Motionless In White, horror-influenced metalcore act from Scranton, Pa., released their latest album, “Reincarnate,” September 16.

Opening with “Death March,” the group leads the listeners along to “Reincarnate,” which perfectly demonstrates the band’s new sound. With catchy riffs, heavy, powerful fretwork and atmospheric synthesizers, the song feeds into “Puppets 3,” the final installment in a three-album-long story accented with guest vocal work by iconic Dani Filth from the band Cradle of Filth.

After the first three songs, listeners know that they’re in for a 13-track journey into the hearts and minds of five exceptional musicians.

“Reincarnation” is the third studio album from the metalcore band Motionless in White.
“Reincarnation” is the third studio album from the metalcore band Motionless in White.

The band delivers a sound reminiscent of shock-rock superstar Marilyn Manson, with sections of loud, heavily-distorted guitars and lyrics that are written and sung with a classic Manson flair, which can be heard in songs like “Unstoppable” and “Everybody Sells Cocaine.”

“Break the Cycle,” “Generation Lost,” and “Dark Passenger” takes inspiration from Korn and Slipknot, twisting them into something unique and fresh. Taking a break from the relentless aural assault with “Wasp,” Motionless In White gives the audience a brief rest until the next wave of loud and fast horror-inspired songs hit.

The style of Germany-based international metal sensation Rammstein is referenced in songs such as “Dead As ****” and “Final Dictum,” where a constant industrial-metal influence backs up the band as they shred guitars and ravage ears with harsh, artistic lyrics. Finishing off the album with “Carry the Torch” leaves the listeners with a deeply satisfied feeling as the powerful, emotional lyrics fade away into deep breaths and resonating guitars.

Founder Chris Motionless delivers melodic lyrics accented by aggressive screams, backed by lead guitarist Ryan Sitkowski while Ricky Horror provides the rhythm lines. Josh Balz gives a symphonic atmosphere with his synthesizer work, and Devin “Ghost” Sola lays the foundation as his fingers float across the bass’ fret board. Vinny Mauro is currently providing the heavy drum beats as the band tours.

After receiving positive reception with their first studio release, “Creatures,” the band’s follow-up album “Infamous” received mixed reviews. Now, with “Reincarnate,” the group has redefined their sound to deliver driving metal licks and well-crafted lyrics to complement their newfound sound.

For more powerful messages, masterful songs and meaningful lyrics, “Creatures” and “Infamous” provide similarly unprecedented listening experiences, while EPs like “The Whorror” and “When Love Met Destruction” demonstrate just how far the band has come since their conception in 2008 to their reincarnation in 2014.