Troubled NFL stars commandeer the spotlight

Troy Losey Jr.
Staff Writer

At the beginning of the 2014 season many questions were being asked about certain teams and how far they could go. Many thought that the only teams that really had a chance to make runs were ones that made noise last year and showed it throughout the preseason of this year. After watching week two of football I have to say that it looks like the NFL is wide open this year and it shows through the injuries that have been sustained already.

I was watching week two on my couch and watching as teams had players in and out and numerous injury timeouts on my NFL Red Zone package. The more I watched the more they discussed how many injuries were taking place that week and how many key players were going down with significant injuries.

Reciever Josh Gordon was suspended indefinitely for a failed drug test.
Reciever Josh Gordon was suspended indefinitely for a failed drug test.

To name a few that went down whose seasons look bleak were Robert Griffin III, Knowshon Moreno, Ryan Matthews, Mark Ingram, Doug Martin and Jadeveon Clowney.

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Though there were so many injuries with various players who could miss more than half of the season, stories emerged of players who had so many isssues off the field issues that they were not allowed to play either. We saw various portions of topics that included suspensions of Ray Rice, Adrien Peterson, Johnathan Dwyer, Josh Gordon, and Wes Welker.

The more this happens, the more teams are being affected by the teammates with whom they have played for numerous years. What is crazy is the NFL has yet to do anything about these ongoing issues and has yet to set a tone towards this type of behavior and such.

Ray Rice was the first one to receive an indefinite suspensionafter the NFL had seen the video released of him hitting his fiancée on an elevator in Atlantic City. The more time that passes the more lax the discipline becomes for what we call the NFL. The shame of the matter is there is so much going on in the NFL, no one has even cared much about who is playing well and who is just plain awful.

Until most of these issues are figured out the fan base, other than the hardcore fan, will be affected and you will see it this year in the NFL. It is a shame to see so many people that are so undisciplined in the NFL and to see that many fans are not satisfied with what the NFL is doing and blaming everything on the commissioner in Roger Goddell. Instead of addressing the problem, the league instead focuses on the players who are raking in millions of dollars.

I also think it is a shame that so many talk radio stations and completely different areas are trying to talk about the recent issues in the NFL and give “their” perspectives on it. Recently I listened to a radio radio about spanking kids and what people thought of this. This was to see perspectives since Adrien Peterson for the Vikings is in the limelight for spanking his kid and leaving noticeable marks on him.

My point with all of this is plain and simple and may not be the opinion a lot of people like to hear or agree with. I believe what is going on in some parts of the NFL are very wrong such as Peterson and Rice. The problem I have is everyone who is getting involved and stating what they think the NFL should do should just be quiet and let it take its course of action.

Viking’s RB Adrian Peterson has come under fire for alleged child abuse.
Viking’s RB Adrian Peterson has come under fire for alleged child abuse.

In the NFL and sports history there have been numerous problems where players were convicted or accused of violent crimes and not many people even cared about it. They let the justice system handle it and judged those found guilty, while letting others, including the likes of Ray Lewis, Jamal Lewis and Michael Vick back into their hearts. I get tired of so many talk shows trying to discuss what the hot topic is just to get ratings and talk about what they think is such a great topic and to get the general public’s opinion on items.

The unfortunate part in today’s society is that once these players are accused of something the public wants to crucify them and judge them for everything they have done based on one occurrence. Did some of these guys do something that was wrong?

Absolutely. But remember that there are a lot of things people do that are not even looked at and the more we just judge someone of one act the more we think that is who they are all the time. I know this can be a hot topic issue but hey this is why you have opinion pieces and people to share them.

The NFL is arguably the best entertainment as far as the four major sports and showcases the greatest game of the year in February where most of us are by our friends watching the event of the year. Hopefully all of this gets figured out and the more people who tune in get to know the topics and listen to every side of the story. Until then we will see what happens.