Kelsey Bundra
News Editor

Campus Recreation is in charge of many sectors of the university’s programs involving sports. Recently, they have announced that they’re making some changes this semester, including putting new policies into place, adding some new employees and increasing outreach to other clubs and organizations. Any sport that is not under the umbrella of MU Athletics is taken care of by Campus Recreation. This includes intramural sports, club sports and outdoor programs.

Any students interested in intramural sports should register a team online with IMLeagues. There is a 10 dollar fee for willing parties. An additional cost was added this semester because of a change in budget. “Due to budget cuts, we now charge club, organizations, and departments equipment charges for any equipment that we rent out,” Allison Yarrow, Coordinator of Intramurals said.

Campus Recreation is in charge of the Ropes Course.
Campus Recreation is in charge of the Ropes Course.

This policy change also affects those in club sports. Club sports are different than intramural sports in that they challenge teams around the area. Club sports now includes running, bowling (competitive), bowling (social), fencing guild, ice hockey, martial arts, men’s lacrosse, men’s rugby, men’s volleyball, MU Dance, roller hockey, ultimate Frisbee (Moose), water polo and women’s rugby. One recent change club sports have made was splitting the Bowling Club into two options: competitive bowling and social bowling.

The organizations Campus Recreation runs are the Ropes Course and SMCtivities. The Ropes Course is a team-building activity in which students are given options of heights they will be at. The Ropes Course is open to groups. The cost is 5 dollars per participant for a half-day course and 10 dollars per participant for a full-day course.

SMCtivities are events that are sponsored by Campus Recreation. The Center for Health Education and Promotion hosted a SMCtivity Sept. 12 about alcohol education. “We are always looking for clubs and organizations to host various activities during SMCtivities,” Yarrow said. The next SMCtivity is Oct. 3. This November, UAB and SOLA are co-hosting a SMCtivity. There are giveaways for any student that attends a SMCtivity. Food is also provided.

Another change includes the staff that works for Campus Recreation. Lauren Hannaford is the new Graduate Assistant. “[Campus Recreation] also has new student staff members in each area of the department, intramurals, ropes course and pools,” Yarrow said. Also, intramurals hires officials for games during the semester.

Campus Recreation is open to many who wish to use their services. Campus Recreation will once again be running both of the pools on campus, Pucillo and Brooks. Brooks pool and gymnasium, Pucillo pool and gymnasium and the running track at Biemesderfer Stadium are open to the university community when outside of scheduled use by classes, intramural or club sports and athletic teams.

Those within the Millersville community are able to purchase pool passes and fitness center passes if they are not a student at the university.