Millersville Alumni make magic

Molly Carl
Head Copy Editor

While there may not have been magic in the air when they met, the same cannot be said now for Tait and Michelle of the Insanity Factor.

The Insanity Factor is the name of the two-person magic troupe comprised of husband and wife pair Tait and Michelle. They travel where they are needed, from children’s birthday parties to corporate events, leaving a trail of laughter and awe in their wake.

Insanity factor is a husband-and-wife magic troupe that first met while attending Millersville.
Insanity factor is a husband-and-wife magic troupe that first met while attending Millersville.

They boast that whether they perform at “parties or picnics, banquets or ballrooms, [or on] sidewalks or stage, everything becomes magical with the Insanity Factor.”
Tait and Michelle first met while both were education majors attending Millersville. The two went their separate ways after graduation, but the magic between them must have been too strong because nearly a decade later the two were reunited and married. They have now been doing magic together for ten years, and the pair couldn’t be happier.

“There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to your dream job,” said Tait. “I don’t feel like I have to really work a day in my life.”
He is truly an advocate of doing what you love, and encourages others to “never let reality get in your way.”

Of all the different aspects of magic the couple does, Tait enjoys street magic most of all because it allows him to be up close and personal with the audience.
“Being right there with the crowd, and seeing their expressions up close, it keeps reminding me why I do this,” said Tait.

Michelle, on the other hand, says her favorite part about performing magic is seeing the happiness and elation in the eyes of the children for whom they perform.

“There is nothing better than a child’s smile,” said Michelle.
The Insanity Factor has appeared for a notable number of businesses and has showcased its talents at a variety of venues.

Tait believes that he has never really had to work a day in his life.
Tait believes that he has never really had to work a day in his life.

They’ve performed for Barnes and Nobles, Teddy Bear Emporium, Willow Valley Nursing Home, and Steps to Success Inc. Childcare Center, and at places like Lancaster Central Market, Millersville University, First Friday in Lancaster, Columbia Market House, Lititz Farmers Market, and even the July 4th Celebration in Musser Park, Lancaster. Recently, they performed at the kickoff for the Lancaster County March of the Dimes event.

Last year, the Insanity Factor premiered their talents at Field of Screams, with the pair doing walk about street magic for the crowd. This year, Tait had the opportunity to perform as a Master of Ceremonies for Field of Screams under the guise of The Ringmaster, though he still loves to work his magic for the visitors.
One sleight-of-hand trick he performed included having the audience try to guess the number of balls in the Ringmaster’s hand while baffling them time and time again when they guessed wrong.

The two have enjoyed the opportunity to perform for the past two years at Field of Screams, another business born in Millersville.
“I am an entertainer,” said Tait. “This gives me an audience.”

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