Millersville Concerned Women redefines leadership

Shianne Hargrove
Staff Writer

Millersville Concerned Women is one of most impactful organizations you’ve probably never heard of. Founded in 2009 by former assistant director Nakia Mack and former Director of Student Programs, Ms. Angela Simmons, and now coordinated by Federal and State Grant Coordinator, Emiyaril Alvarez, since 2012. The MCW has cultivated a space on MU’s campus for the past five years.

The Millersville Concerned Women is an organization that provides young women on campus with a great learning experience, Alvarez states that the group’s purpose is to “empower Millersville university women to increase academics, social and leadership skills, which in turn, will promote academic success, graduation and lifelong learning.”

Millersville Concerned Women is a little unorthodox when it comes to leadership roles: there are none. While not having a student-senate-funded organization, the group has tried something new this fall semester, Alvarez states. She also adds that she has appointed four students assistants who will focus on different areas of the group.

“Kayleen Spencer serves as our event coordinator, Amirah Mikell serves as our community coordinator, Shakirah Stinson serves as our secretary and Caprese Ray is our historian,” Alvarez said.

“Retention and graduating of members [are a main concern for Millersville Concerned Women],” Alvarez said. She continued: “Young women are being exposed to the importance of academic achievement… we are looking forward to expanding the involvement of our members in areas which will lead to their academic, social and professional success and development.”

Expanding their vision all over the local community and campus, Millersville Concerned Women have made it their goal to provide a safe space for young women and their experiences. They have provided mentoring for the young women at Buehrle’s Alternative School in the School District of Lancaster. They have also discussed women’s health issues with a representative from the Spanish American Civic Association in Lancaster City as well as had conversations with professionals from the York County Children and Youth Services and Lancaster County Adult Probation & Parole Services Offices. Millersville Concerned Women are also partnered with Millersville Concerned Men, who like their other half, deals with subjects pertaining to men’s issues.

Conversations span from topics of relationships to professionalism, this organization is stimulated from the minds of a diverse group of young women. This small organization has created an environment where their voices can be heard without judgment; they are tackling big issues, and striving to succeed.