Maria Rovito
Managing Editor

Industrial, EBM, metal and electronic fans gathered at the Chameleon Club Saturday, Oct. 4, to enjoy a night of pounding beats and blistering guitar work by Davey Suicide, Darksiderz, William Control and Combichrist. Their fourth stop on the “We Love Tour: Part II,” Combichrist and fellow bands brought raw power and energy to downtown Lancaster.

Opening the night was Davey Suicide, a punk rock/heavy metal band from Hollywood, Ca. Lead by singer Davey Suicide, the band was flanked by members Needlz (keyboards), Drayven Davidson (drums), Brent Ashley (bass) and Mikey 13 (guitar). Diffusing a unique metal sound into classic punk anthems, Davey Suicide got the crowd going with stomping beats such as “Kids of America.” The band got the crowd rolling as they jammed out to “Generation F**k Star,” a song that got the audience ready for more to come.

Electronic and synthpop act William Control performed “All Due Restraint” and “Beautiful Loser” for a full audience.
Electronic and synthpop act William Control performed “All Due Restraint” and “Beautiful Loser” for a full audience.

Up next was William Control, an electronic and synthpop act from Seattle, Wa. With Kenneth Fletcher supporting on guitar, the group began their set with the energetic “All Due Restraint.” Displaying his powerful vocals, William Control got the energy pumping through the crowd with the pulsing “Beautiful Loser.”

Displaying dynamic energy, William Control performed the song “Price We Pay” from his new 2014 album. The audience responded well to his classic song, “Razor’s Edge,” as his passionate vocals mix well with the electronic sequences. He finished off the set with the beating “I’m Only Human Sometimes,” giving his fans exactly what they wanted and getting the crowd’s energy throbbing.

The stage was set for Darksiderz, a dance/industrial act led by Aaron NecroFlesh. The manic beats, along with the impressive light show, got the crowd stomping and jumping. Pulsing the club with energy, Darksiderz displayed chaotic and pumping electronic mayhem, getting the audience eager for more.

The lights went down, and fans roared as the blistering sound of “We Were Made to Love You,” kicked off. Combichrist, in their full glory, was here. With front man Andy LaPlegua delivering high-powered vocals, the crowd went wild as Combichrist brought a total frenzy to the club.

Combichrist rocked out at the Chameleon Club on Saturday, Oct. 4.
Combichrist rocked out at the Chameleon Club on Saturday, Oct. 4.

With Joe Letz on drums, Z Marr on electronics, Eric13 on guitar and Abbey Nex on bass, fans gave a cheer as “Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood” blasted out. Displaying their trademark sonic bombardment and a love for what they do, Combichrist gave their fans a supercharged display of fury.

Joe Letz mercilessly pounded on the drums, often times throwing one on the stage and throwing drumsticks out into the crowd. Eric13 showed a complete mastery over the guitar work as “Maggots at the Party” cranked out, presenting blistering riffs as the audience gave a raucous reception.

The crowd jumped and stomped to their throbbing track “Get Your Body Beat,” displaying the group’s classic electro mayhem. Combichrist gave the audience a metal blast with their new song, “Razorblade Love,” leaving fans wanting more.

LaPlegua and crew delivered a surging performance of their classic pandemonium with “Sent to Destroy,” pulsing their chaotic energy throughout the venue. Finishing off the night with “Retreat Hell,” fans gave a heartwarming applause, letting the band know that “we love you.”

At the end of the night, Combichrist and fellow acts brought great music and an obviously satisfied crowd to downtown Lancaster. Combichrist will continue their tour for the rest of October throughout North America. For those who missed it, there was no disappointment. Lancaster loves you guys, too.