Tom Henderson
Staff Writer

Saturday, Oct. 4 the Millersville men’s rugby team took a devastating loss against West Virginia University, with a final score of 7-62. “I’m optimistic for the future, as 17 of our 37 active players are rookies,” Coach Red said. “Five others are only in their second season. As they learn the game, they will lift the level of the club. Today was tough, but it was a lesson that will pay off soon.”

Three WVU players attempt a gang tackle on the ball carrier.
Three WVU players attempt a gang tackle on the ball carrier.

Coach Red also said, “[We were] outmatched, and missing some key players due to due to injury, but the lads never quit. West Virginia is one of the best programs in the region, and likely to represent the league in the national playoffs. We will learn from our mistakes, and prepare for Shippensburg in two weeks.”

The points were made with one try scored by Paulie Somerville, and one conversion made by Brad Calix. Both teams played great rugby, but overall, West Virginia played a better game. They played with speed and skill with ball-handling, being able to move around the ‘Ville defenders and score. Millersville didn’t make it easy on them though.

On a brighter note, the Millersville women’s rugby team played and beat Loch Haven 35-27 last Saturday as well.

Both teams have two weeks to practice and prepare for their next matches. For the men, the next match will be at Shippensburg Saturday Oct. 18. The women’s rugby team will be home Oct. 19, so come to Brooks Field at 11:00 a.m. to support the team.