English dept. town hall voices concerns

Maria Rovito
Managing Editor

Calling all English majors: the English department at Millersville University held a town hall meeting for faculty and students on Tuesday, October 21, at 7:30 PM in the SMC Atrium. The town hall meeting served as an open forum where students and faculty could discuss current issues, concerns, and transformations occurring in the English department.

Dr. Caleb Corkery began by presenting critical information for English majors, and addressed current issues that students face.

“English majors get a bad rap,” he stated. “Many people think that it’s not practical and productive. It’s really an amazing major.”

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The first change that will affect future English majors at MU is the addition of sports journalism and science writing as majors, which will begin next fall. Dr. Corkery stated that, “Journalism has gone digital, so we are incorporating more current and visual methods to the program.”

A piece of advice that was given to students was to take the opportunity to intern and study abroad.

“Internships are crucial to B.A.s,” Dr. Corkery stated. “Overseas opportunities put you ahead.”

Students were also told to take full opportunity of having an advisor.

“Advisors can give you more than just a TAP number,” Dr. Corkery said. “They can give you career advice, graduate school advice, internship opportunities, among other things.”

“Many students are not aware that exceptions when registering for courses are easy to do. Also, when enough students get on the wait list for a specific class, a new section is created,” Dr. Corkery continued.

Another change that will impact future English majors at Millersville is the revisions that the curriculum is currently undergoing. Students will have the opportunity to choose to major in literature studies, writing studies, and ESL/linguistic studies (Multidisciplinary Studies).

“Literature is going to include a global and thematic understanding,” Dr. Corkery stated. “Majors are going to develop an introductory and capstone experience.”

After the presentation, the floor was opened to questions and statements from students and faculty.

Many students favored the option to major in either writing studies or literature studies. Many students also expressed an interest in digital journalism, and incorporating classes from other departments into the major, such as art and computer science.

At the end of the town hall meeting, many English students and faculty members had more information regarding changes to the department and curriculum. The meeting gave students and faculty the change to meet face-to-face with the department chairs and to discuss current, pertinent issues.