Joseph Roehm
Staff Writer

court_editThe Millersville Parade took place last Saturday morning. This year’s parade featured a number of interesting floats ranging from Spongebob to the Original Hobo Band, and all types in between. Pope Francis even made a special appearance for the John Newman Association.

cheer_editThe day started off fairly chilly, although by all accounts not as cold as last year. The floats began their procession behind Penn Manor High School through several neighborhoods lined with people eager to see this year’s entertainment. The parade continued down to George Street. Along George Street, several vendors sold food, including the local Meals on Wheels hosted at Wesley Hall. Many Millersville students woke up early to view the festivities, they likely were not disappointed.

group_editThe theme for this year’s parade was Wonders of the Sea, and several notable floats followed this theme. The Honors College Student Association created a Spongebob float, fully equipped with main characters from the show, including the famous Krabby Patty. A local animal rescue group decorated a float to Ringo Starr’s song Yellow Submarine, including several dogs sporting yellow submarine costumes. Other notable floats include the Original Hobo Band, a group from New Jersey that dress up as hobos that use dirty and damaged instruments to entertain. Field of Screams also made an appearance, bringing with them a hearse and a few actors in makeup.wave_edit

The floats made their final stop in front of the SMC where they were greeted with a short speech about their group, and then finished the parade off in front of the Upper Deck. The parade included many floats, including sixteen bands, classic cars, clowns, impersonators and the list continues. The fair weather and quality of floats proved to ensure a quality parade this year, with many happy viewersqueen.GIRLFLAG