Press conference clarifies report of sexual assault

Molly Carl
Head Copy Editor

Katie Pryor
Arts & Culture Editor

Oct. 19 at 12:23 a.m. an MU Alert text message was sent to students concerning a reported rape that took place on campus.

An unnamed 21-year-old female student claims she was walking from the library to the pond just before midnight Saturday night when two student-age males attacked her. The assailants, one light in complexion and one dark in complexion, allegedly made comments towards her before both physically and sexually assaulting her. She proceeded to call the police, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Chief Anders speaks on the sexual assault reported on Saturday.
Chief Anders speaks on the sexual assault reported on Saturday.

After a 14-hour investigation, during which security camera footage from the pond was reviewed and the victim was questioned,
Sunday afternoon an MU Alert text message and a university email was sent stating, “Investigation discloses that rape did not occur.”

A press conference was held Sunday afternoon to address the reported assault. Millersville University Chief of Police Pete Anders said the student had been going through some emotional and psychological turmoil lately, and while he does not believe a rape occurred this weekend, it may be possible that an intimate partner had recently sexually assaulted the student.

“The student was not intoxicated at the time of the incident,” said Chief Anders.

The student’s parents are currently making arrangement for her to receive care in this time of difficulty, and Chief Anders expects the student to take some time off from school.

“Our top priority as a university is this student’s well-being,” said Chief Anders. “We want to make sure she gets whatever support she should need.”

While the student recanted her statement, Chief Anders expects no charge to be filed against her.

“Regardless of the outcome, it’s rare for a woman to be charged following a report of sexual assault or abuse,” said Chief Anders. “The situation would be different had the student accused a specific person of assault.”

University and investigative personnel are expected to contact the student within the next few days to learn if the student had recently undergone any sexual assault.