Aaron Jaffe
Staff Writer

Mike Johnstone, Millersville alum, is the Technical Operations Manager for Student Services Inc. For any student organization, department, or anybody needing technical assistance, Johnstone is behind all of it. From Philadelphia, Johnstone came to Millersville University for his Bachelor’s degree. He graduated in 1998 with a degree in Broadcast Communication.

Johnstone started working at MU about 16 years ago.
Johnstone started working at MU about 16 years ago.

Johnstone started working at MU about 16 years ago in the summer of ’98 during his senior year. He started as a part-time tech-ops staff member. He then out-stayed all of his predecessors long enough to have his current position. When asked why he chose MU, he simply stated, “It chose me”.

In his free time, Johnstone coaches his daughter Emma’s under-12 soccer team in fall and spring. In the winter she plays basketball, and Luke, his son, plays soccer, hockey, and t-ball. Johnstone also enjoys going to movies, game-time with the family and sitting on his deck while his kids tire themselves out in the yard. He also loves to travel, it doesn’t matter if he does anything, just as long as he gets to enjoy where he goes. He feels so lucky that he has a wife who will go most, even if it isn’t her “bailiwick.”

Johnstone loves to collect novelty items. Over time he has accumulated odds and ends ranging from stamps to hats, shot glasses and even socks. He is currently collecting digital pictures.

Over Johnstone’s tenure here at MU he has had the opportunity to meet many people either that work here or that just pass through with conferences. He says that is his favorite part about working here, “the relationships with people. He gets to see and do a lot of fun things, but mostly meeting new people and building a relationship with them”.