Nikki Schaffer
Features Editor

On Monday, Oct. 27th, it is likely that you spotted the chalk drawings of outlined bodies on your walk between classes.

A student being traced to represent a victim of police brutality.
A student being traced to represent a victim of police brutality.

These artistic representations could be found on side-walked areas of campus, each one displaying the name of a fallen victim to police brutality in its center.
The organization responsible for this demonstration is Millersville University’s Young Americans For Liberty at MU, a student-led organization which came to fruition this semester. Aside from these drawings, members of the organization also handed out flyers and were open to discussing police brutality with student passersby.

“I really wanted our group to do something that corresponded with the events happening in Ferguson,” said Kaytee Moyer, President of Young Americans For Liberty. “Everyone in our group feels differently [about this topic], but it is really important for us all to know our rights so police cannot infringe upon them.”

The demonstration was a way to bring awareness to the topic of police brutality and those who have fallen victim. Previously, the organization has sold “pot brownies” in order to attain the attention of students and educate on the effects of marijuana usage. The more interesting their demonstrations, the more better their student response.

Monday evening at 7 p.m. in SMC room 203, an informational session also took place where libertarian ideas and perspectives on the role of police in our society were discussed, as well as the knowledge of knowing your rights as a citizen. Perhaps a more radical idea the organization discussed was the idea that police officers should wear body cameras. This way, both the victim and the police officer will become protected, as the truth of an event can be captured on film.

A chalk outline, before a victim of police brutality's name has been scribbled in its center.
A chalk outline, before a victim of police brutality’s name has been scribbled in its center.

“The police are very important but it is also important that they do not step outside of their bounds,” said Moyer.

Moyer, who also started the organization, was keen on the idea of libertarianism because it takes the best of both worlds.

“We accept all types of people into our organization. I am super passionate about libertarianism. We wanted something non-partisan on campus, and we currently have 16 members” said Moyer. The only requirement to join?
“You have to believe in liberty.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of Young Americans For Liberty At MU, contact Kaytee Moyer at her email address or by phone at (717)- 805-0474.