Millersville gets hairy

Joseph Roehm
Staff Writer

Where to begin. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The leaves are falling, the ducks are flying south and the swans are cuddling more than ever. This also means that the cold days will be setting in, and men of the world must begin to grow a fur coat. November is the time of year for men of all ages past puberty to grown themselves a warm chin coat. No Shave November is a modern tradition started in Australia by a group of men raising awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men. This ritual is now common among young men, and in some cases, even the police.
After a pleasant tour of the station, The Snapper sat down with the brains of the operation. Jordan Byrnes of the Millersville University Police Department made the notion that the police should do more than just protect the students here at MU. Jordan put forth the idea that MUPD should contribute to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Officer Byrnes commented, “We wanted to raise awareness for common types of cancer for men.” Indeed MUPD did just that. Officer Byrnes approached police Chief Anders and proposed his idea. The two officers took the idea and ran with it. The two of them managed to recruit eight other officers and an intern to become part of the No Shave November team. The department raised 30 dollars per officer, and they continue to take pledges from students for a donation of 5 dollars. Other police departments in the area have also joined in. The Hempfield Police Department has also made pledges for this No Shave escapade.
No Shave November has become a large part of student affairs this month. Along with the police department, the student organization “Colleges Against Cancer,” is also encouraging students to participate in this No Shave rave. They currently have donation jars set up in the fitness center of the SMC. Nine courageous contestants have put their heads on the line for this project. One of the lucky nine will have the honor of having their beards shaved in some sort of a funky way. The Snapper spoke to the president of the Colleges Against Cancer organization, Olivia Miller, and she expressed concern for the victims of cancer, saying, “No shave is very important as it focuses on raising awareness for men’s health problems and men’s prostate cancer.” She explained to me that the main shaving event will be held Nov. 19 in the SMC Atrium at 8:30p.m. So “shave” the date and come to biggest-beard busting event of the year.
Throughout these chilling times of November, we can all find the warm spot in our hearts to give to charity. The MUPD and the Colleges Against Cancer groups have put a strong foot forward to fighting the ills of cancer. The Colleges Against Cancer organization will continue to raise money for the American Cancer Society. They would like to state that they will be hosting a Relay for Life in February, and that all students are encouraged to help spread the word about the terribleness of cancer.