Snapper Spotlight

Aaron Jaffe
Staff Writer

Any person in an organization or that works for Student Services should be aware of all that is offered to us as students. One of these resources is the Banking Center in the Student Memorial Center. The banking center controls the transfer of funds for organizations and Student Services. The person in charge of all of this is Kathie Giorgio.

Kathie is a New Jersey native. She grew up in the small town of Riverside. “It’s a lot like Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show,” says Kathie. She had no formal secondary education other than taking courses at a local community college. She says that her education comes from “the school of life.”

Giorgio is in charge of the banking center.
Giorgio is in charge of the

As part of Giorgio’s duties as the Banking Center Operations Supervisor, she oversees the day-to-day activity in the Banking Center as well as many other responsibilities; it is her department’s job to make sure that organizations turn in the proper documentation to access their funds. She has been in her position for 10 years. She chose to work at MU because she wanted to be closer to her family when her first grandson was born.

In her free time, Giorgio likes to just relax and enjoy her time with her husband and family. Her favorite thing about working at Millersville and for Student Services is, “meeting new people and fostering new relationships.” She’s happy to had built relationships with students that had graduated years ago.