Mickayla Miller

Assoc. Copy Editor

Millersville University’s theatrics are undoubtedly well-known among the Millersville and Lancaster communities and for good reason. Students and staff in play productions work hard, come prepared and inevitably bring forth strong performances.

One of the plays being brought to life this school year is “The Miser” by French playwright Molière, which is being directed by Communications & Theatre professor David Donovan. Meg Danison, a Comm. Theatre student, is the Assistant Director.

“The Miser” is a 17th-century comedy written by French playwright Molière.
“The Miser” is a 17th-century comedy written by French playwright Molière.

“The Miser” is a comedic story about love and greed. Harbagon, the miser, is being played by Social Work professor Dr. Curtis Proctor. In this play, he is obsessed with money and wealth as well as a younger woman named Mariane (Rachel Faust), who is already devoted to his son, Cléante (Michael Garland).
Meanwhile, Harbagon’s daughter Élise (Jul Diehl), has fallen in love with Valère (Juan C. Morales), but the miser doesn’t want the relationship to continue because he wants her to wed a wealthy man of his choosing, Seigneur Anselme (Justin Benson). During this time, the miser’s wealth was stolen.

Despite it being a play first performed in 1668, the morals are still something to be reiterated even to this day. “What corporate America is doing to everyone, the miser is doing in this play,” Donovan said. “‘The Miser’ fits everyone’s world now like it did in the 17th century.” James Magruder’s translation is the one being used for this play, being more modern and fitting with the times.

Danison knew she wanted to work on a play with Donovan since she interviewed with him

Millersville University student Meg Danison will serve as assistant director for “The Miser.”
Millersville University student Meg Danison will serve as assistant director for “The Miser.”

last spring to be the Assistant Director. “After the interview, I felt like I absolutely had to work with him on the show because his vision seemed so great and his process sounded like so much fun,” Danison said.

A lot of hard work has gone into making this play a reality, Danison and Donovan agreed. Danison, tactical in her thinking, keeps a binder full of cues and notes for the show and said one of her favorite parts is filling it. “I also love working with everyone involved in the production. I get to know both actors and crew very well by the end of the production and there’s nothing better than creating those friendships.”

Even though everything is still in the new, budding stages, one thing is very agreed upon: This play is definitely something that the community should not miss. “It has comedy, big laughs… It’s an evening of fun at the theater; they’re going to leave with smiles on their faces,” Donovan said.

“The show is timeless and deserves to be seen by everyone. It’s still in its early stages but we’ve got a fantastic group of people working on the production so far. I want everyone to come out to see the show and leave saying, ‘That was a fun night at the Theater,’” Danison said. “Bring a friend, a date, your uncle… this show will be one you won’t forget soon. Your peers are on stage putting together a wonderful spectacle and they are doing it so you can come see them.”

The play will be held Feb. 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28 at 8 p.m, and Feb. 22 and Mar. 1 at 2 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the SMC Box Office or purchased online at www.studentservicesinc.com/uncategorized/miser