Feel lucky at Lucky Ducks Bar and Grille

Pete Wisniewski

Staff Writer

Most people would agree that their ideal job would involve getting to work with their best friend and be their own bosses. It is probably a conversation that we have all had with our best friends, but it always comes down to, “what would our business be?” Well if you are the owner of Lucky Ducks Bar and Grille the answer to that question would be: a restaurant. That is a conversation that the owners of Lucky Ducks had merely three years ago when one of them was looking to buy a house, but instead stumbled upon the property that would become their restaurant.

Lucky Duck Bar and Grill is the place to go for sandwiches, crab cakes and chicken chili.
Lucky Duck Bar and Grill is the place to go for sandwiches, crab cakes and chicken chili.

Lucky Ducks settled into a building in Elizabethtown that dates back to the 1700’s and features an old-tavern charm with modern amenities, combined with good food, great service and indoor and outdoor seating with two full service bars. Though they are located in a small town, they cater to much more than the college crowd. It is a good college hangout where students can listen to music and have drinks at the bar at night, but it is also a perfectly appropriate setting for a nice family meal or a business meeting.

Their menu features burgers, munchies, entrees, pasta, sandwiches and salads. Topping the menu are four of the restaurant’s specialties: fish tacos, the Trifecta sandwich (smoked ham, pulled pork, bacon, swiss cheese and coleslaw), chicken chili and jumbo lump crab cakes. The owners have no plans to stop developing new and signature items though as they continue to expand their menu. Lucky Ducks also prides themselves on keeping up with all the seasonal beers, like the very popular Southern Tier Pumking, and even listens to the submissions of their customers as to which beers they would like to see at the bar.

Lucky Ducks offers more than just a simple lunch or dinner in their dining room, or one of their specialty drinks at either of their bars for happy hour, but also has a large upstairs dining room to host parties, wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. And if you want to book their delicious food for an event at another location, they now offer catering options, which they are also looking expand more on in the future.

Customer service is a top priority at Lucky Ducks as they have a very professional and courteous staff of over thirty employees. The owners of Lucky Ducks Bar and Grille want their customers to have a good time and leave wanting to come back, and with the excellent food and service, pleasant atmosphere and a nice small town feel, you probably won’t eat there just once.