Express yourself through dance

By Julia Nikolaus

A performance by Millersville's Expressions Dance  last winter.
A performance by Millersville’s Expressions Dance last winter.

If you have ever walked past the dance studio on the bottom floor of the Student Memorial Center and seen women and men practicing their splits and leaping across the floor, chances are these are the dancers of Millersville Expressions.
Expressions Dance is a student-run organization that operates like a regular dance studio.

This group of dancers prepare for recitals held at the end of every semester. They also perform as various campus events at Millersville University.These ladies and gentlemen know how to put on a show.

This group of talented individuals attend various dance classes during the week to improve their dancing technique and to prepare for their winter and spring recitals. The dance classes offered to the Expressions members include Beginner Jazz, Advanced Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Beginner Ballet, Advanced Ballet, Beginner Tap, Advanced Tap, Beginner Hip-Hop and Advanced Hip-Hop. Expressions recently added two more classes due to increase in club size. The newly added classes are Modern and Broadway Jazz.

Any Millersville University student is welcome to try-out for Expressions Dance. “Expressions reminds me of my studio at home. It’s a stress free environment where you don’t have to be advanced in order to do what you love. We’re a family!” says Maghee Fegan, a member of Expressions.

Tryouts are offered at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Dance experience is not required. Company tryouts are offered at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters to any existing Expressions dancers. Company is a select group of more experienced dancers representing Expressions Dance as a whole at different events held on campus.

The dancers and teachers of Expressions all work towards putting together a recital to be held at the end of every semester. Each class is devoted to learning the recital dance and, as the semester progresses, perfecting that dance.

This semester’s recital is titled ‘Dancing in a Winter Wonderland’ and will be held at McCaskey East High School Sunday, Dec. 7 at 5 p.m. Adult tickets are $5 , senior citizens are $3, Millersville Students with MU ID and Expressions Alumni are $3 . Children under the age of ten get in for free. Only cash and checks will be accepted for payment.

A group shot of Expressions Dance taken April of 2013.
A group shot of Expressions Dance taken April of 2013.

Expressions also performs at different events at Millersville. This year, they kicked off the semester by performing in the Millersville Community Parade Oct. 18. This year’s parade theme was “Wonders of the Sea”.
Expressions performed a routine to a song from The Pirates of the Caribbean sound tract. They danced their way to second place in the Non-Instrumental category.

Expressions hold different fundraisers throughout each semester including car washes, FroYo nights, bake sales and sub sales. These fundraisers raise money for the dancer’s costumes and for the cost of the venues where they perform each semester. Expressions appreciates any support to ensure that they can keep this dance organization running.

Members of Expressions enjoy working together towards a common goal of putting on a show and having fun while doing it.
“I never thought I would dance again after I graduated high school,” says Jain Coble, a member of Expressions. “Thankfully my friend told me about this student organization and now it’s the only thing I look forward to during the week! I literally feel like I’m part of a giant supportive family and even though everyone has different levels of experience, we all share the same passion for dance and each other’s company”.

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