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Every person on this planet has the need to eat, whether to gorge oneself or to simply sustain. Through every person wanting food there is a transaction needed. Through every transaction is a person in charge of it. At Millersville there is one person that has helped make this transaction one of the most pleasant for students as possible. Her name is Nancy Leed and she has been a proud Millersville employee since 2000. She is a cashier in the Galley against the far wall.
From Conestoga, Pa., Leed has been an employee here starting in 2000. She started as a part-time employee at the Cove and heard about the position from fellow dining employee Judy Graham who runs the Campus Grille and MU Express food truck. Leed went to Penn Manor high school and decided to stay local all of her life.
Leed is married to her husband John and has five children and eight grandchildren. To stay close with her family, Nancy has a weekly Sunday supper with her family. Her two sons are currently in the service and are living outside Pa. Before Millersville, Leed worked as a full-time employee at Wyeth Laboratories, a pharmaceuticals company now in Collegeville. Her husband, John, is currently a Trojan Yacht parts salesman. She met her husband in the seventh grade and has been with him ever since.

Leed works as a cashier in the Galley. She has been an employee of the university since 2000.
Leed works as a cashier in the Galley. She has been an employee of the university since 2000.

If Leed would have liked to become an English teacher, she would have gone to college.
Her best friend lives in Maine, so Leed is able to visit the New Engand states often. She especially enjoys Boothbay Harbor and Moody’s Diner in Maine.
Leed has been very active throughout her entire life. One of her favorite things to do is go dancing. When she was younger she would sneak into Lancaster and go hullabaloo dancing.
In high school, she loved band and was even assistant head and drum majorette. Now, Leed says she marches to the own beat of her drum.
Every Halloween she goes out at midnight and toilet paper houses. She has been doing this since she was 25 and has now added people to her team of mischief. Watch out, she may get you!
However, she is not entirely fearless. Leed has a fear of heights. She discovered this in the eighth grade when she had to climb the ropes in gym class. When she got to the top, she was afraid to come down.
“Once I drove up Cadilac Mountain with my daughter and my friend and I was terrfied,” Leed said.
Leed said that when she was driving up the mountain, she was driving in the clouds. When she looked to her left, she saw the Atlantic Ocean below.
Her favorite thing about working at Millersville is the student workers she gets to be around every day. She says, “the students are so nice.”