UAB website wins award

Kelsey Bundra
News Editor

While at the National Association for Campus Activity regional conference, Millersville’s University Activities Board website was named No. 1 programming website in the northeast.
The regional conference took place in Hartford, Conn. The national conference will be held in Minneapolis, Minn. this February. Universities in attendance included University of Massachusetts, University of Connecticut, University of New Hampshire, Suffolk University, University of Maine and Sarah Lawrence College. Ivy League universities were not present.
Any university that was present at the conference was able to enter their organization in a competition for awards. Judges ranked programming websites by looking at ease of use, graphic design and content. It was a graphics competition with other student designed websites.
Aaron Jaffe designs and maintains the website for UAB. The website is meant to create a central place for information about UAB. Both students and board members have access to it.

The homepage of UAB displays upcoming events.
The homepage of UAB displays upcoming events.

The website contains a request to collaborate form so that other organizations can partner with UAB for events. Students also have access to the executive board through the website.
“The website is going to help a lot more with marketing,” Jaffe said.
The award was not a monetary one. The organization gets “bragging rights.” Currently, the award is hanging up in a frame in the UAB office.
Along with competitions that university activity boards could enter, the conference offered showcases. These showcases allowed performers to present to see if the universities wanted to book their act. Some of these entertainers could be brought back to Millersville. The students at the conference also met with agencies and were able to network with professionals.