Director's Cut presents a variety of student written plays

The stage lit up Friday and Saturday night in Dutcher Hall for Director’s Cut, a group of three student written plays. The first was called “The Magician” and was directed by Joe Eck followed by “Coffee with Beth” directed by Joshua Smith. The third play was the longest, it was called “Why I Live,” directed by Roxie Keller. The director of each play came on stage to announce their own show before it began.

The first play, “The Magician,” starring Sierra Treichler, Shelby Feeney, Joshua Bard and Jen Trewhella, was a lighthearted play about a seven-year-old girl who was afraid of the monsters under her bed. A children’s psychologist (and magician) figured out that it wasn’t really a monster under the bed that was scaring young Rebekah, it was the bullies at school. Luckily with a little bit of courage and the powers of a magician, Rebekah discovered that as long as her parents held her hands, all monsters could be defeated.

Director's Cut had three students writing short plays and having them acted and directed by their peers. (Allie Remis/Snapper)
Director’s Cut involved students directing and acting in short plays. (Allie Remis/Snapper)

“Coffee with Beth” starring John Manos and Shelby Feeney was a much darker play about an estranged husband and wife. Beth entered the kitchen to find Jack sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Jack told her that she was the only woman he could ever love. The audience came to discover that Beth left her previous marriage to be with Jack and then Jack slept with her sister. A while into the arguing, Jack tells Beth that he had taken a cyanide pill before he came over and that he was going to die. Beth called him selfish for making it all about him, that he was only killing himself to get her to say that she loved him. She never said it, she said that she loathed him and after her speech, he died at the kitchen table and Beth collapsed into tears on the floor.

“Why I Live” was the longest of the three plays and it was also a stage read with the actors carrying scripts around the stage. Rachel Faust, John Manos, Jen Trewhella, Katie Dobson, Joshua Bard, Jul Diehl, Diego Lopez-Barbrera and Adam Strock were in the cast. The main character Maddie Jones was in a coma in the hospital after being hit by a drunk driver. One side of the stage had Maddie in a hospital bed and on the other side she was reintroduced to her deceased Pop-Pop who told her that she was in purgatory and waiting for God’s decision to keep her or send her back to earth. Pop-Pop counseled her about the choices she had made leading up to the moment when she got into the car accident. Maddie learned that all of the bad things that had happened to her would have worked themselves out if she had just been patient and that everyone else in her life was fighting their own battles. She reflected on the mistakes she had made with her sister Megan, her best friend Liz and her mother along with letting the pressure of the college admissions process get to her. One of her biggest regrets was not telling her friend Gabe that she had feelings for him. After an infuriatingly close call, God let Maddie return to earth to try to live a more patient and Christian life. Gabe was there when she opened her eyes and she kissed him.