Kelsey Bundra
News Editor

Millersville students packed into the SMC MPR on Saturday to see comedian Nicole Byer. Byer, best known for MTV’s “Girl Code,” preformed stand-up at Millersville on Saturday night. Along with Girl Code, Byer has appeared on “30 Rock” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Millersville student Quinton Collins opened the show with jokes about college parties, snow and girls on Instagram.

"Girl Code" star and comedienne Nicole Byer performed on Saturday, February 21. (Kelsey Bundra/Snapper)
“Girl Code” star and comedian Nicole Byer joked about dieting and “singleness” on Saturday, February 21. (Kelsey Bundra/Snapper)

Byer walked on stage starting with “I know exactly what I would look like if I was a male.”
She talked about how difficult it was get to Millersville on time with the snow. Next, Byer pulled her notes out of her hair, saying her wig had more uses than aesthetic value.
Byer joked at her own expense about going to the gym. She said she only officially committed to going once and while there she witnessed a disturbing sight. There a guy was, as she said “Winnie-the-Poohing it” where he was only wearing a shirt with no pants. Byer approached him letting him know about his missing pants, but he was not concerned.

The comedian talked about her experience working at Lane Bryant, which she renamed “ho ho ho lame giant.” She mentioned the customers she had to deal with in a store where you “shop with your head down.”

Byer has a unique way of responding to those questioning her weight: “Yeah, I ate the whole pizza.” When she gets asked if she is pregnant, it’s her belief that at least they assume she is having sex.

The comedian suggested a new diet. When you are hungry, go to sleep, toss and turn about being single and burn calories.

Her singleness was also a topic of the night. Byer wondered about her singleness aloud. She says that after finding a full strip of bacon in her bed and eating it, she doesn’t question it anymore.

Byer has a unique seduction technique. Sasheer Zamata, a current cast member “SNL” and Byer’s best friend, was with her when she whipped out post it notes from her purse. She slapped her number on a guy’s chest and sang to him “Do What You Want with My Body.”

Then she asked the audience if there were any couples in the audience. Not many hands rose. She responded with “I guess we are in a room of unlovable people.”

The comedian did give advice to male audience members. Byer spoke on behalf of many females saying “she don’t want that” to unwanted pictures at 3 p.m.

The audience laughed the loudest when she told a story about her drunken Shake Shack trip; she was crying and eating a burger on the toilet while singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Byer talked to the person in the stall next to her saying, “Sorry, I’m not usually like this.”

John Early performed after Byer. (Kelsey Bundra/Snapper)
John Early performed after Byer. (Kelsey Bundra/Snapper)

Byer did a question and answer session before leaving the stage.

Comedian John Early, meant to open the show, closed it due to the weather. He told the audience that he peed in a Starbuck’s cup to get here before the show ended. Early beatboxed with students in the pursuit of “conjuring Britney.” Early’s impression of Britney got a laugh from the crowd. Then he performed the end of Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” dance .