Marauder musicians pumped to perform at Chameleon Club

Katie Pryor
Arts & Culture Editor

The Chameleon Club has hosted its share of locally, nationally and internationally known musical acts over the years. On Saturday, February 28, the Club will be hosting two rising Marauder musicians – Jordan Bleyer, aka JMB, and Tucker Ebersole.

When he's not singing and performing music, Tyler Ebersole is part of a fraternity and the ASSE Club at Millersville University. (Photo courtesy of Tyler Ebersole)
Whenever he’s not writing and performing music, Tucker Ebersole is part of a fraternity and the ASSE club at Millersville University. (Photo courtesy of Tucker Ebersole)

Tucker Ebersole, a native of York, Pa., is currently in the Occupational Safety Health Administration program. He has been writing and singing rap/hip-hop since 2014, and it has since become his escape. “I’m a full time student, carry two jobs, am part of the American Society of Safety Engineers club, hold a high up position in a fraternity, and somehow still find and make time for my music,” said Ebersole. “I’ll work 14 hours in one day between two jobs, get off at 3 a.m. in the morning, and will stay up until 7 a.m. writing and working on my craft.”

He has previously performed for the Marauder Fest during Homecoming, but for his upcoming Chameleon Club performance, “I’m excited to show others that you can accomplish and chase your dream no matter what you’re doing or going through. On stage I will be representing myself along with my family and friends who have supported me from the start.”

Headlining the event will be Jordan “JMB” Bleyer, who is a 2014 graduate of Millersville, where he majored in Social Studies Education. Describing his music as “a fusion of hip-hop, electronic and pop with big hooks and rap verses,” he first started writing his music during his freshman year. With the help of his friend and engineer Eric Fletcher, they started recording their own music in Lenhardt Hall in 2011. Now, though, they have their own home-studio.

Jordan "JMB" Bleyer studied Social Studies Education and hopes to inspire others through his music. (Photo courtesy of
Jordan “JMB” Bleyer studied Social Studies Education at MU and hopes to inspire others through his music. (Photo courtesy of

“In my opinion, a lot of mainstream popular music these days is so hollow and has no message at all,” said Bleyer. “I really feel like the youth is negatively affected by all this hollow music because they are told that is what is cool and what everyone is listening to. As a teacher in an urban school I see it a lot first hand. As a musician, I want to spread positivity and make music with a message.”

Bleyer has previously performed in Crocodile Rock in Allentown, opened for Andy Grammer at George Mason University in Virginia, played at Lock Haven University, Shippensburg University and University of Pittsburgh on a college tour, and has opened for national touring acts Chiddy Bang and Jake Miller at the Chameleon Club.

“Opening for big national acts and having to win over a crowd is always fun, but playing for a crowd that is there to see you and knows your music is going to be really nice,” said Bleyer of his upcoming performance. “I remember going to my first show at the Chameleon Club back in like 2011, so being able to headline it just a few years later is an accomplishment for me, and it will definitely be a moment.”

Other guest performances at the show will include Sophic and VOTM.

The concert will start at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $10-12 and can be ordered online at