Joseph Roehm
News Writer

The Student Senate Town Hall began at 6:15. The Student Senate Executive, Keegan Worley mentioned that the Student Senate plans to increase the Student Activities fee by 12% next year, and 3% for each subsequent year for 5 years. He then asked club presidents to speak on behalf of their clubs, and what they plan to do with the additional funds. First to speak was the United Christian Campus organization. Second was the Emergency Management club. This club discussed how they would have more speakers, larger events, online meetings, and improved software for emergency management. UAB spoke next. They discussed how their programming is going up in cost. They are hoping to be able to fund their activities with the increased budget. The Men’s Glee Club also had representation. They are having a large flow of new members into their organization, and the increased funding would make the transition to increased members easier.

The meeting ended with Justin Miller citing that Student Senate should receive around $96,000 in revenue from the increase to the Student Activities fee.

The Student Senate meeting started at 6:33pm with the standard roll call. A Mr. Edward Nase from the Dining Hall started speaking. He discussed how the current meal plans will be changing for next semester. Instead of having nineteen meals a week, students will be given a certain amount of meals per semester. For a person who has a meal plan of nineteen meals a week, they will receive a block amount of meals of 212 in a semester. This divides out to be fourteen meals a week. However, the amount of flex that each student will receive will increase. Also, instead of going to a dining area such as the Anchor and picking out a $7 meal, the MU Dining will have combo meals that can be chosen instead. These combos will count as the meal. There will be many combos, and they will be alternated throughout the semester. The guest meals will stay at two per semester.

Steven Zelek then proceeded to place sanctions on WIXQ for their misappropriations of allocated funds. After much discussion, WIXQ was given a lighter probation period.

Student Senate then proceeded to start interviews for a new advisor. Randi Chrismer, the president of Student Senate, pointed out that she would like to have an advisor on Public Relations. A number of people spoke, including Zach Love, Barry Atticks, and Lowery Woodall. Two others submitted applications, including Tony Elliot and Duane Hagelgans. Zach Love and Barry Atticks were picked to be the new advisors. The advisory board is now composed of Zach Love, Barry Atticks, Michele Perez, Kathie Giorgio, and Hiram Martinez.