Netflix: The product of procrastination

Maggi Mumma
Staff Writer

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by Netflix? In other non Mean Girl referencing terms, the question generally asks: How many of you are guilty to binge watching a TV show? If you are not, then you most likely don’t have Netflix or have awesome, even incredible will-power. If you are mooching of your friends Netflix, then it can definitely draw you into its vortex of distracted subjects. Although binge watching is not such a new phenomenon, we still fall victim to it’s distracting ways. “Gossip girl here…,” gets watchers every time. Perhaps the answer to its addictiveness lies in the theme song after watching one episode. Lastly, you only are granted a countdown of 15 seconds to debate in your head whether to watch the next one before it begins, automatically.

Save Netflix for spring break. (Photo courtesy of
Save Netflix for spring break. (Photo courtesy of

Easily, binge watching TV shows and movies can become an interruption of good study habits. Although it may be nice sometimes to escape and live vicariously through the entire season of our favorite drama. Or, fall in habit of pretending we are using The Walking Dead as a resource on how to protect yourself from Zombies.

Across our campus, it is assumably filled with students trying to pull themselves away from their interest in Breaking Bad, Netflix’s most watched TV show (Don’t get any ideas). Although Ariana Horn, a freshman, communication major, is not a huge binge watcher, she likes to catch up on New Girl, Nexter and Gossip Girl in her free time. She says, “I understand it can be hard to resist sometimes especially when an episode leaves you with a cliff hanger.”

However, this time of year, the weather actually becomes enjoyable, eventually. Despite our short hibernation in front of our computers, we should give some time away from our favorite guilty TV binge watching pleasure. Don’t let these episodes dictate your social lives. Not only is the great outdoors an important part of enjoying life, but school is yet another hurdle.

Here’s a peer’s suggestion to avoid getting loss through Netflix or binge watching TV. Caileigh Ciepiela, a sophomore, Athletic Training and Bio major, suggests, “Don’t stay away, but only leave yourself an hour as a reward.”

Before Spring, we must remind ourselves of a few things:
You got this!
Say goodbye to that voice inside your head saying, “It’s only 45 more minutes!”
Most importantly, the hours you put into studying or writing papers, we will worth it when you can enjoy the warm weather. (Hopefully, it’s spent at the beach!)