Drug Infractions
Feb. 25 The odor of marijuana was report in Diehm Hall. The police were unable to locate the source.
Mar. 1 The odor of marijuana was reported in Diehm Hall. The officer spoke with the occupant of the room. A report was filed. The student was referred to Judicial Affairs.
Mar. 1 The use of marijuana was reported in the Bard Hall basement. They were reported to Judicial Affairs.
Feb. 24 There was a theft reported in the Galley. The complainant refused to press charges. A report was filed.
Mar. 1 A disturbance was reported in the McNairy Library. MUPD spoke to the complainant and a subject report was filed.
Traffic Violations
Feb. 26 A vehicle stop occurred on 1 W. Ann St. It was a one way violation. A citation was issued.
Fire Alarms
Feb. 24 There was a false fire alarm in the Southside Suites. A report was filed.
Feb. 24 There was smoke reported in Hash Hall, room 160. The source was found to be a candle. There was no fire and no need to receive assistance from the fire department.
Feb. 27 A fire alarm was set off in the Southside Suites. The fire department was dispatched. A report was filed.
Feb. 28 A fire alarm went off in the Southside Suites. Water was flooding the rooms. MUPD assisted the fire department and maintenance as needed.
Agency Assist
Feb. 28 There was an arrest at the Pucillo Softball Field. MUPD assisted with the arrest.
Feb. 26 There was a Millersville policy violation in the Ware Center. A report for academic affairs was filed.
Feb. 27 Suspicious circumstances were reported in Diehm Hall. MUPD assisted the RA and GA as needed. A report was filed.