Dorm visitation policies: a much-needed update

Marie Mosca
Opinion Writer

Being my first (and last semester) in the Suites, I thought it important to bring up an important issue: visitation. Many students do not take the rules of the visitation policy seriously, and even the desk attendants and RA’s give little effort to uphold said rules. Some barely check to see if people coming through the doors even belong to that particular dorm in the first place. I, and many others moving into the suites, was surprised when we learned that the halls were Co-ed. This complicates the dating visitations that were formerly not as much of an issue in the other dorms.

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I had a roommate that had her boyfriend from across the hall living in our suite every day and night. He used our shower and our sink, slept in her bed and stayed up to all hours of the night doing noisy things. This included but is not limited to talking on the phone, giggling and watching loud Youtube videos, blasting music and taking showers in the middle of the night, only to be annoyed when I had to wake up for class early the next day. Not once did he go down to the desk to get a visitation pass. He was also there by himself often violating the fact that visitors need to be escorted around at all times. Overnight guests are also supposed to be of the same gender as I recall from the handbook.

I still do not understand why he did not choose to live in his perfectly good dorm that he paid for. There are also supposed to be length of stay limits that would make it unable for him to stay overnight. Since there has never been a Co-Ed dorm to this extent before, the school does not really know what to do about it. The fact that he is also a desk attendant for the dorm itself probably doesn’t help either. Maybe he felt above the rules; I am not sure.

All I know is that there needs to be a better system in place to handle these new types of challenges. Not a lot of girls would be comfortable in my situation. It is definitely not what I signed up for when I moved here, and I cannot wait to move off campus and be free of it. For future semesters, I suggest that if they are going to stick to the rules they have in place already, they need to be enforcing them, otherwise they need to come up with a new set that fits the situations of the new dorms more effectively.