Joseph Roehm
Staff Writer 

The meeting began at 6:34 with a roll call. The minutes from the previous week were approved. Animation Explorers, an up and coming club, requested to have temporary status as a club. They plan on using stop motion as their main source of animation, rather than using computers. Animation Explorers were granted temporary status. Next, a group called Cappa Delta Pi, an honors group, asked for temporary status. They received this status. Ariel Geib, a representative from a local dojo, came to present a self defense class to combat domestic violence. This event would be held April 25 in the SMC Multi-Purpose Room. Student Senate is considering sponsoring the event.

Student Senate is planning on buying more polo’s for the senators. This would come out of the fund raising account. More information will be brought next week to be voted on. Senate is planning on helping with Superfest on campus. They will run the water pong game. Student Senate will also be having a team for Mini-Thon, the senators will be paying to participate. The Student Senate meetings will now take place right outside the Senate office, next to the BSU and SOLA offices.