Snapper Spotlight: Dr. Robert Spicer

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Hometown native, Dr. Robert Spicer, shows all of his students that Lancaster really is home for him and his family. Dr. Spicer is a tenure-tracked Assistant Professor of Digital Journalism in the Communications department at Millersville.

Spicer grew up here in Lancaster and proceeded to attend MU for his undergraduate degree in Broadcasting. Broadcasting was not his first degree, he actually came to MU to be an art teacher and when faced with the introductory class for art educators he realized that his love is found elsewhere. He later went on to get his masters of Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University in Philadelphia. After obtaining his master he worked in the political field running election campaigns making it all the way to a state senator election.

After finishing in politics, Spicer decided that he wanted to work in higher education as a professor for students. He started back here at Millersville from 2003-2009 and went on to a position at DeSales University where he was an Assistant Professor of Communications, which included advising students, serving on university committees and advising the student newspaper. While at DeSales he obtained his doctorate in Media Studies. He later returned to Millersville in 2013.

(Photo courtesy of Spicer, Lancaster native, went to Millersville for his undergrad.
(Photo courtesy of
Spicer, Lancaster native, went to Millersville for his undergrad.

Spicer’s position here includes advising students, serving on university committees such as the Human Subjects Review Board, the Academic Outcomes and Assessment Committee, Library Advisory Council and multiple search committees. He is also conducting research on topics such as post-humanism and political problems, masculinity on the Big Bang Theory, User perceptions on Tinder, the public on Parks and Recreation, and he has just published a recently finished project on the politics of risk and post-humanism. Dr. Spicer is a very involved professor caring a lot for the university and his students.

Though contradictory to many of his students, Dr. Spicer is an avid Baltimore Orioles fan. His love for the Orioles came from his childhood when his father would take him and his brother to the games. It was actually his first MLB game as a child.

One of Dr. Spicer’s favorite activities is to spend time with his wife and three kids. He says, “time with the kids is high on my list of free-time activities.”

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Interestingly, a fun fact to have found out when interviewed, Dr. Spicer has an odd disliking for cheese and tomatoes, with little exception. His disliking has led to some of the most popular foods in the American society to be left off of his palate including foods as basic as pizza.

When asked what he loves most about working at Millersville Dr. Spicer stated, “I feel very much at home here. I also feel appreciated. When I taught at DeSales I felt like I always knew my students and my colleagues appreciated my hard work but I never felt a sense of appreciation from the institution itself, from the administrators. It’s not like that at Millersville. I feel like people here appreciate everyone’s hard work.”