Kiara Allen: MU's first All-American makes an impact on and off the track

Sam Valentin
Sports Writer

The one word that comes to mind when thinking of Kiara Allen is self-motivated. Allen, a redshirt Junior at Millersville, recently became the first sprinter at MU to be honored as an All-American. While she was breaking records and bringing home hardware, she was also raising money for her coaches family.

Mar. 13, Allen took part in the 60-meter dash at the NCAA Indoor Track & Field Nationals in Birmingham, Alabama. She got fourth in her heat with a personal best time of 7.53 seconds, which earned her a spot in the final. A spot in the final also earned her All-American status in the 60-meter dash.

“All-American is arguably the highest honor an athlete can achieve at the collegiate level,” Allen said. She ended up finishing last in the finals but is still honored as an All-American bringing back a trophy named Bertha.

Kiara Allen poses with her trophy, Bertha.  (Photo courtesy of Kiara Allen)
Kiara Allen poses with her trophy, Bertha.
(Photo courtesy of Kiara Allen)

“Bertha is a slow name,” jokes Allen, “[when] I get first, I will name my next trophy a fast name. I will name it Alex. Alex is a fast name. Bertha needs a friend. Since I knew it existed I wanted to win an All-American.”

Allen is never slowing down; she is always looking ahead to the future on how she can improve. Even though she fulfilled one of her vast goals by winning All-American amongst many other honors this indoor track season, she is still not satisfied. She is always asking herself what’s next.

“I am so hard on myself,” said Allen. “I wish I would have done better. It is great I got eighth place. Yes, I got All-American status; what is next?”

She has many on-track goals she still wants to accomplish here at Millersville, some of which include breaking records. As mentioned before, she wants to get Bertha (her All-American trophy) a friend by winning more All-Americans in both outdoor and indoor. She also wants to be in Millersville’s Hall of Fame.

“Breaking the 200-meter and 100-meter records held by Amber Plowdin,” Allen said, regarding her goals. “Breaking the indoor record next year for the 200-meter and breaking my record of the 60-meter again. My goal coming in I wanted to be in the Hall of Fame for Millersville. Hopefully 20 years down the road they will call me up. My overall goal was to not only make a name for myself but put Millersville on the map.”

She seems to being doing just fine on the track but she is also making a difference off of the track. Allen helped raise funds for track coach, Scott Weiser’s family who were new to the area. Scott Weiser’s son, David Weiser, 13, was struck by a car in Elizabethtown on his way home from school Mar. 9.

“I felt like he did so much for us, [that] I should give something to them,” said Allen. She raised over $24,000 for the Weiser family using the site GoFundMe. She attributes her success to Dr. Jennifer F. Wood who is a professor at Millersville teaching public relations and communications courses. Allen believes the skills she learned in Wood’s class helped make it such a success. Allen’s outdoor track season continues this weekend with the Millersville Metrics in Millersville, Pa.