Mickayla Miller
Associate Copy Editor

Spring is in the air and, with it, the spirit of Millersville begins to shine through, despite nearing the end of the semester. It’s the time to make amends, start thinking about summer plans and, of course, to attend a male pageant.

Millersville’s PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) hosted the fifth annual Mr. Millersville event last Thursday, Apr. 2, at 7 p.m. The event featured five MU students, each representing their respective organizations—Kevin Kaiser from The Snapper; Alex Barnett from the Marauder Men’s Glee Club; Juan Surinach from the Society on Latin Affairs (SOLA); Phil Romansky from the University Activities Board (UAB) and Sam Brown from the Black Student Union (BSU). Tickets cost $3, but attendees could donate money to the respective organizations, so the five could compete for People’s Choice.

(RACHEL KESLOSKY/SNAPPER) Surinach, from SOLA, won Mr. Millersville 2015.
Surinach, from SOLA, won Mr. Millersville 2015.

The event kicked off with the swimsuit round, in which the men sported their ideal beachwear. Styles included a pineapple shirt from Romansky and a poseidon-esque approach from Surinach.

Mr. Millersville then continued with the talent portion. Kaiser performed with beloved Disney characters Donald Duck, Swedish Chef and Stitch. Afterwards, Barnett sung “Moving Too Fast” from the Broadway show “The Last Five Years.” Surinach then performed a dance routine consisting of four very different songs and a man in a chicken suit just in time for the chicken dance.

Romansky performed “Our Song” by Elton John on his ukulele, having the shortest but perhaps one of the most well-received talent portions, according to the audience’s reaction. Brown closed off the talent portion with a skit that reminded the audience to find their true friends, advising against having a friendship with someone who would only be interested in what they have materially.

(RACHEL KESLOSKY/SNAPPER) Romansky performed “Our Song” by Elton John on his ukulele.
Romansky performed “Our Song” by Elton John on his ukulele.

Following the talent portion was a ten minute intermission, in which attendees were encouraged to give money to the five organizations present for the prize of People’s Choice. James Randall, Mr. Millersville 2014, came on stage afterwards to perform a half time event, which was a dance routine.

The final event for Mr. Millersville consisted of the men dressing up in formal wear and a Question and Answer panel. Kaiser spoke of how he got involved with The Snapper, and defined success as “achieving your personal goals.”

Barnett said others would describe him as “always energetic, positive… Joyful,” and also spoke of wanting to give back to the community. Surinach elaborated on how SOLA has helped him become a better person, and said if he had to change one thing about Millersville, it would be “to help more students without there being so many milestones… [To] open more doors.”

(RACHEL KESLOSKY/SNAPPER) Brown did a dance for the talent portion of the night.
James Randall, Mr. Millersville 2014, came on stage during intermission.

“This, as a freshman, is exciting,” Romansky said of the event. He talked more on how he felt the UAB had a certain stigma against it, and he wanted to reinforce that the board may not be what people expect.

Brown closed the Q & A session with what qualities he thinks Mr. Millersville should have, including “an expressive personality, a sense of the crowd and professionalism.” His personal philosophies include a sense of self and other people. “In order to create a better world, you have to better yourself and other people.”

The official event ended, and the judges then calculated their scores. Barnett, from the Marauder Men’s Glee Club, was People’s Choice, with Romansky, from the UAB, being the runner up.

Surinach, from SOLA, won the title of Mr. Millersville 2015.

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