Joseph Roehm
Staff Writer

The Senate meeting began at 6:32pm. The meeting started out with a presentation by a Floor Hockey group, which meets Friday nights at 7 p.m. in the SMC hockey rink. They requested temporary status, and their request was approved. The treasurer, Korbin Shearer, moved to allocate the Metal Arts Guild $2,586.15 for a conference in Boston, MA. This motion was approved.

Another motion was made to change the budget. Athletics, campus recreations and core organizations will be receiving a smaller increase in funding than in previous years. Athletics will be receiving a $50,000 budget cut. The money will be given to organizations on campus. This cut was made due to the fact that only 4.5 percent of students are part of athletics, while almost half of students are involved in organizations. This motion was approved. It must now be proposed to President Anderson to be passed.

Another motion was made to fund The Snapper $1,849 from the Campus Engagement fund. This allocation is contingent on the receiving of $111,000 from Student Organizations from the last summer’s budget. However, only around $80,000 is projected to be received. This motion was denied.

Another motion was made to fund Student Affairs $1,239.26, for a student who went to a football competition last semester. The same contingencies as the previous motion are on this motion. This contingency was stricken, and the motion to give Student Affairs $1,239.26 was approved.

For Senator of the Month, Tabitha Giles and Gloria Chung were nominated, and Chung was selected as the Senator of the Month. Live Safe will now be an phone app, partially funded by Student Senate.