Undergraduate nursing program launched

Kelsey Bundra
News Editor

Online programs are developing quickly with added importance due to the strategic plan, Our Bold Path. Millersville is expanding to entice new markets, such as part-time students and adult-learners. The RN to BSN nursing program is Millersville’s first fully online undergraduate program. The new Director of Online Programs, Lauren Edgell, helped get the program off the ground.

Edgell started in her new position Jan. 20. She first found out about the position through a friend.

“I’m excited to be here” Edgell said. Edgell said she enjoys the startup period of online programs. She started her career in health care and later discovered she had a passion for technology.

Perspective students will be able to declare a major in online nursing Fall 2015. The program is already accepting applications. Wednesday, Apr. 1, the program was launched and the website was opened for applications. The next day, the first two applications rolled in, and by Friday, Apr. 3, there were four applications submitted total. There have been 120 inquiries or requests for information.

Millersville currently has a fully online master’s degree in Science in Emergency Management. There are also certificate programs online for Special Education and Gifted Education.

Edgell said she wants to see the first fully online undergraduate program through first before developing more programs. “[It is] not going to be the only undergraduate program” Edgell said.

“Expect that number to grow,” Edgell said about the number of fully online programs at Millersville. She said many students are interested in having more general education classes online. This may be a possibility soon.

“[Millersville will be] strategic on which programs we have online,” President Anderson said. Edgell agrees with selectivity of the programs put completely online. She thinks it is important to put programs online that are in demand, not just developing online programs because they can.

Other goals Edgell has are establishing Millersville as a provider of online learning. She is also looking at how Millersville can support the face-to-face classes on campus with online learning.

“It’s important that we are considering online learning as a relevant delivery method,” Edgell said.

Edgell said it is important not to ignore the trend of online learning. “[Millersville will] never abandon traditional courses and the history we have here.” Edgell said.