Allie and Sam’s sports report

Sam Valentin
Sports Writer

Allie Remis
Staff Writer

On the Phillies…

Allie: I am hopeful for this season. I think this year will be better than last year. I am hoping they learned from their mistakes and have more wins this year. I want to be able to wear my Phillies shirt to class and not be embarrassed.

Sam: I really do not see the Phillies doing well. But if they trade players, the future should be bright. Do not be a fair weather fan; be proud of your team whenever. I am an Orioles fan so I have seen many ups and downs through the years.

Allie: I try not to be a fair weather fan but the games are a lot more fun to go to when we are doing well. I hope we make some trades for a few more consistently good players with more manageable contracts, but I also get attached to fan favorites so it’s a tough call.

Sam: That is understandable. I am just a baseball fan in general so just being at any game is exciting, but obviously I prefer Orioles games. The Phillies have been shopping Hamels and Howard but honestly I think they need to clear house. I know it will be tough to move Howard due to his ludicrous contract. They need to get younger players and trade the old guys to make room for their prospects like Maikel Franco, Aaron Nola and Tommy Joseph.

Allie: I know that we could use some younger players because sometimes it feels like we are mortgaging our future for some of our senior players. I am glad that we are keeping Chase Utley, but other than that I think we need to focus on rebuilding our team. Howard is great when he is on but it’s too soon to tell if this will be an ‘on’ season for him.

Sam: I agree but I believe Howard would fair better on an American League team because he could then DH. Utley will probably be a Phil for life. Lets now look at the Eagles who have had a very busy off-season.

On the Eagles…

Allie: I am a little concerned at our quarterback situation right now; we haven’t been able to hold down a solid quarterback two years in a row and I know that Chip will build the rest of our offense around whoever ends up as our first string.

Sam: It is very interesting since they traded away Nick Foles for Sam Bradford and recently signed Tim Tebow. Also they still have Mark Sanchez on the roster still. I never thought it was realistic for Chip to bring in Marcus Mariota but obviously that will not happen now that Bradford is in the mix. Bradford will be the starter but I believe Tebow and Sanchez are very solid backups. What do you think of them bringing in Tebow?

Allie: As a fan, I am excited about Tebow being an Eagle because he is a good role model and has a large media following that may contribute to our fan base. I’m not sure who will be the best for our team but all three of them would be fun to watch! I’m also excited to see what Brent Celek does this season.

Sam: Tebow is a fabulous role model. He is one of those guys you hope your daughter ends up marrying. It will be fun to watch the quarterback battle in Philly this year, even though I believe Bradford will be that guy in Philly. Philly sports fans will be looking forward to the football season but I just want to be sitting in left field with a cold beer and peanuts at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on a breezy June night.