Sam Valentin
Sports Writer

Rebuilding: The word chosen by many to already describe the Phillies’ season.

Only two full weeks into the season the Phils are sitting fourth in the National League East with a 4-9 record. It seems that the Phils should get used to being near the bottom of the division. Also, fans have already accepted this season’s fate of rebuilding.

“I think they are in a rebuilding stage right now so that is what we should expect from them this spring,” said Dan Neff, Marauder’s center fielder on the Phillies’ season.

The rebuilding could even go farther since the Phillies are a mix of old and inexperienced players.

WiIl Cole Hamels stay in Philly or finish the year elsewhere?  (Photo courtesy of
WiIl Cole Hamels stay in Philly or finish the year elsewhere?
(Photo courtesy of

Fans would not be surprised to see players being dealt this season for prospects. Ace pitcher Cole Hamels has apparently been on the trading block since last year, but it seems that the price tag may be luxurious. Slugger Ryan Howard has also been rumored to be on the block but with such a huge contract and him being a defensive liability at times he can seemingly only go to an American League where he could DH.

“I was convinced they were gonna trade Hamels to the Dodgers this offseason. Also Howard is struggling. They moved him from fourth in the lineup to seventh, and some say [Ryne] Sandberg is dumb for still keeping him in the lineup,” said Tom Fisher, Millersville freshman.

Many fans believe the rebuilding stage really began when the Phil’s dealt the flying Hawaiian, Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence and pitcher Joe Blanton at the deadline in 2011. Also, in the 2012 off-season, they brought in older more experienced players such as Delmon Young, John Lannan, Mike Adams and Chad Durbin. They also brought in Ben Revere during that off-season which was a plus.

There are not many players left from the 2008 World Series team and even less from the last time they made the playoffs in 2011. Carlos Ruiz, Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels and Chase Utley are the only pieces left from the 2008 World Series team and are aging. Although these players are aging, many fans still see them as fan favorites perhaps only looking at the glory days of these past their prime “stars.”

The Phillies look to rebuild and get back to the postseason. (Photo courtesy of
The Phillies look to rebuild and get back to the postseason.
(Photo courtesy of

“I think they’ll trade Hamels and or Howard,” said Millersville junior and avid Phil’s fan, Matt Kersic. “I think they will go into a full rebuilding stage because they need to realize that they can’t win with this team.”

The Phillies are projected to lose around 95 games and fans seem to have accepted that fate. Do not be surprised if that number is even higher at the end of the year. Many fans do not see this year as a complete lost though; they hope this rebuilding will lead to a bright future and make way for the younger players to shine such as Aaron Nola, Maikel Franco, Tommy Joseph and Cody Asche should get more chances to prove their worth if pieces start to get dealt.

Even though the Phillies are in a rebuilding year fans still say they will support them either way.

“I would go because I’m a fan and I support the organization,” Neff said.

So even though the Phillies are in a definite rebuilding stage the fans will still support them. It will be interesting to watch how the pieces fall and the losses pile up for the Phillies this year.