Police Briefs: April 10 – April 20

April 10 An assault was reported off campus in the Manor Township area of Cartledge Ln. It is documented that the physical assault occurred outside to a male victim. The victim reported the incident to the Manor Township Police Department. They are investigating the incident at this time. “We did not do a timely warning as we received delayed notification from Manor Township, and the geographical area is not an area most students would consider as being campus,” Police Chief Anders said. A report was filed.

Drug Infraction
April 17 The smell of marijuana was reported in Harbold Hall. Drug paraphernalia was found.

Alcohol Infraction
April 19 There was a liquor law violation reported in the Southside Suites. It was an alcohol overdose. Nonstudent refused medical attention. A citation was filed.

April 15 A theft was reported in Gaige Hall. It was a reported theft of 150 dollars. The cameras were checked. All leads were exhausted.

International Education Week

April 20 Criminal mischief was reported in the Ganser Library’s men’s bathroom. Writing on the bathroom walls was found. A report was filed.

April 15 There was a disturbance reported in the Southside Suites. No disturbance was found upon arrival. A report was filed.

Fire Alarm
April 17 There was a fire alarm malfunction in Osburn Hall. The fire department was dispatched. The ductwork was later cleaned.