Aaron Jaffe
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Showing the full range of diversity that Millersville University has to offer, no one helps represent that more than Associate Professor of Spanish at MU and Chair of Faculty Senate, Dr. Margaret Ana Börger-Greco. Going on her 26th year here, Dr. Börger-Greco has shown true MU pride and devotion in everything that she does since her arrival in 1989.

Dr. Börger-Greco has shown true MU pride and devotion since her arrival in 1989. Photo courtesy of Margaret Ana Borger-Greco.

Not many may know this; English is Dr. Börger-Greco’s third language. Originally from Lamstedt, Germany and still holding a German passport today, Dr. Börger-Greco moved to the United States twice before finally settling down in Lancaster with her mother. When she was 3-years-old, she moved to Venezuela, but returned to Germany due to diagnosed malaria when she was 8. She moved back to Venezuela once more before moving back to the United States when she was 12-years-old. After her parents believed she was becoming “too American,” she was sent to study in Spain withher sister, though it might not have been the best place for a free-willed 14-year old girl. After finishing her grade school education in Spain, she came back to the US for her college education.

Dr. Börger-Greco obtained her B.A. in Spanish, Art History and Dance from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She then went back for her M.A. in Spanish. After working for several years as a technical translator at an atomic power plant, she went to receive her Ph.D. in Romantic Languages from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Dr. Börger-Greco arrived at MU after working at Franklin & Marshall college for several years. As an Associate Prof. she has the duties of teaching four classes throughout the semester, advising students, performing research and fulfilling committee work for the Foreign Language department. Dr. Börger-Greco’s recent research include opening an exhibit on Flamenco artifacts, which will be opening up this November in Santa Fe, NM.

As Chair of Faculty Senate, she runs meetings and sets the agenda for the faculty senate. The senate does things like approving academic programs, advocating for faculty with administration and maintaining faculty committees at Millersville.

Dr. Börger-Greco chose to work at Millersville 26 years ago due to the reputation that our foreign language department had for both undergraduate and graduate levels.

When asked what her favorite thing about working at Millersville is she said, “The students and my colleagues. I think in all the years I have been here there have maybe been only 5 students and 2 or 3 colleagues I didn’t like… I also like that all of us, faculty, administrators and staff all ‘row together in the same direction.’ We have a common mission, and there is a great openness and trust shared among all of us; that is not at all a given at the workplace.”

Though she devotes a lot of her time to Millersville and the students, Dr. Börger-Greco has many interests outside of MU. As a kid she was an avid dancer, which eventually led to meeting her husband, famous flamenco dancer, José Greco. However, she had to stop due to an injury when she was younger. Today, she likes read mystery novels, tend to her flower garden, cook, spend time with friends and family and, of course, she likes to sleep. Getting those naps in is what just may keep her going her at MU for the next 20 or more years.