Emily Hepner
Staff Writer

The end is near… for Millersville graduates of 2015. The upcoming week and a half is mixed with feelings of melancholy and relief as the life that they’ve known for the past four or so years comes to an end. The biggest question on their minds is, “what’s next?” For some, it’s graduate school to build upon the education the professors at Millersville have provided them, for others it’s time to begin the big post-grad job hunt. But what’s a future graduate to do with their abundance of time if neither of those options is in their plans?

1. Travel

Regardless if you were a commuter or a student who lived on campus, you’ve just spent a significant amount of time in the same place and while chances are you and other students have come to develop a love for all the buildings and sights to be seen in Millersville, your time after graduation is the perfect opportunity to go somewhere you’ve had your eyes on since you’ve been in school. Whether it’s backpacking overseas, or visiting the beautiful small towns Pennsylvania boasts, dip into your bank of free time and explore the world around you. During this time you may find the area that you want to move to, meet new people or just simply make new memories to kick your post-grad blues.

2. Read

You’re probably shaking your head at this one or possibly skipping over it all together. It makes sense since you’ve spent the majority of your life completing all your required reading for class, but there’s a satisfaction in reading something that you want to read. Perhaps you were a book lover before you went to college, but lost it along the way. Now is the time to pick up a book you’ve heard your friend’s talking about and re-kindle your love for the art of storytelling.

Graduating seniors are faced with the decision of what their next steps will be in the future. -Photo courtesy of head4sucess.com
Graduating seniors are faced with the decision of what their next steps will be in the future.
-Photo courtesy of head4sucess.com

3. Develop a hobby

The biggest way to avoid falling into a post-graduate slump is to fill your time with an activity you love doing. Maybe it’s learning a new language or learning to knit. Whatever you decide, make sure it aligns with what you are passionate about.

4. Volunteer

You’ve just spent the past number of years dedicating your time to reading, writing, studying and everything else that comes with being a college student. Why not lend your new free time to a cause that makes a difference in your local community? If your area has an SPCA, you can volunteer your time as a dog walker for the pups that are currently awaiting adoption, or you can become a Big Brother/Big Sister for a child who needs a role model.

5. Experiment

There’s a chance you already did this while away at school, but it’s never too late to continue messing around to figure out just who you are. As Elite Daily wisely said, “Once you understand the contrast that all situations possess, you’ll be better able to assess what you desire in life.”